Car sound signal, the principle of its operation

For audible alarms, all vehicles must be audible. It is sometimes just necessary to prevent emergencies.

A vibrational signal is quite common. It includes a body, a core with a winding, an armature, a membrane, a rod, a chopper, a resonator disk, an adjusting screw, a capacitor or a resistor. The sound signal is formed when all these elements are coordinated.

The winding of the core is connected at one end to the current source, the second is connected to the ground via the corresponding button on the handlebars. In parallel to the contacts of the breaker, a capacitor is switched on, which prevents their overheating. The rod goes through the core to which the anchor, the membrane, and also the resonator disk are attached. In this case, the armature edge is located at the movable contact. When the button is pressed, the circuit closes - the current is directed to the winding of the core, which magnetizes and attracts the armature. I must say that the rod moves along with the anchor and causes the deflection of the membrane. In this case, the anchor presses on the movable contact, which opens the given chain. The core is demagnetized, and all other parts occupy their original position. Then the contacts close again, and the current goes to the core.

So, while the alarm button is pressed, the contacts alternately close and open, and the vibrations of the membrane form sounds, for the regulation of which a special screw serves. With its help, it is possible to regulate the magnitude of the vibrational movements of this membrane. When it rotates clockwise, the volume of the signal increases, while turning in the opposite direction - decreases.

It is worth noting that the sound signal is of a variety of types. So, motorists can apply a simple membrane or install an entire system that includes a compressor or musical horns. In addition, there are twin beeps, which are characterized by good sonority and quite a wide choice.

I must say that in cases where the owner of the car chooses a signal, it is worth paying attention to how much it needs current for work, since these elements with excessive power can damage automotive electronics.

Quite often, the owners of Russian cars are faced with a broken standard signal. This problem can easily be solved by slightly changing the sound system.

The signal for the car is constantly supplied with a current of 12 V. In cars of the VAZ brand there is no relay for the signal, therefore in the cold season copper wires and winding deteriorate. To eliminate such breakdowns, unload the contacts and correct the signal switching circuit. To this end, you can put the relay "with the eye" and the closing contacts.

It should be noted that in parallel, you can set a reverse sound signal or additional sounds. You can also use Turkish designs, which allow you to receive a low tone of audio signals. At the same time, we must remember that when installing them, it is better to use ordinary copper wire end ferrules, which, in the absence of a special clamp, should be soldered.

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