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How not to be nervous for any reason

In our age of progress and speed, many people do not have such necessary qualities as patience and self-control. Any little thing takes them out of themselves. A queue somewhere, road jams or the slightest injustice in their address causes them a storm of negative emotions, irritation, and even fierce anger. How not to be nervous in such circumstances? How to learn to control your feelings and emotions? Is it worth giving vent to anger? We will consider these questions in our article.

Does it happen that any trifle, for example, the long opening page of the next site, to such an extent, takes you out of yourself, that you are annoyed, shout or in some other way show your displeasure? If this state of affairs bothers you, you should think about how not to be nervous every time you have to wait or something does not work out.

As you know, constant irritation and impatience is dangerous for health. After all, all diseases start with nerves. Inability to control itself causes not only disturbances in the activity of the human nervous system, but also problems such as obesity and insomnia. It often leads to conflict situations in the family and at work. It can be the source of many human problems, such as alcoholism, rampant violence or other reckless, uncontrolled actions. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of your irritated behavior, you need to know exactly how not to be nervous whenever there is a reason for this.

How to learn not to be nervous?

First, find out what or who specifically annoys you. Perhaps this is some kind of person - a spouse, a child, a boss, a friend, etc. Or some circumstance - delay, expectation or something else. After the destabilizers are identified, the next time you communicate with this person or get into the same circumstances - consciously control your emotions, do not allow anger or irritation to seize you. Later you will get used to controlling your thinking and behavior, then it will be easier to control yourself.

Do not get angry also because of what you can not change. In life, not everything goes as we want. Some things have to be taken as they are. Try to change what is subject to your power. For example, annoying being late - learn to come on time, lose the expectation of transport - try to walk on foot, if possible, or to get to the place in some other way. Or find out the exact schedule of the traffic that you use every day and come to a stop or train station by this time, so as not to be nervous about the long wait. Well, if nothing can be changed in a situation? Looking at life with a healthy share of optimism and realism is the key to good health and happiness.

Especially you need to control your emotions during the period of bearing the baby. Scientists have found that if a pregnant woman is nervous, it can be badly reflected not only on her own condition, but also on the health of the baby. If a woman during pregnancy is constantly irritated and angry, changes occur in her body that are harmful to the fetus.

The baby can be disrupted the development of the cardiovascular system, which will lead to serious illnesses. Failures associated with an excess of the stress hormone can not only disrupt the development of the baby, but also provoke its premature birth. Dear mothers need to remember about health. It is desirable to get rid of irritating factors and lead a serene and happy life. As much as possible, to protect yourself from stress and stress, to think about how not to be nervous, but to rejoice at every new day and meet him with a smile.

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