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"Pine Forest" - a camp for children's health

The main function of the children's camp is the organization of rest for children. As the situation in it differs significantly from home, it promotes both children's communication and development. The child has fun and actively spends time with his peers, makes new friends, develops communication skills, creatively manifests himself, learns to work in a team. But many parents get permits not only for their child to be able to rest and spend a great time, but also to be cured.

The place, the location of which is most conducive to children's health, is definitely the camp "Pine Forest". Perm is rich in tectonic, relief and climatic resources. Such as mountains, forests and lakes.


The children's health camp "Sosnovy Bor" was established on the basis of a sanatorium. He is referred to a multi-disciplinary institution for children from seven to fifteen years. A distinctive feature is that it functions year round. For its visitors there is a swimming pool, a stadium, a gym, various playgrounds, a library for those who like to spend time behind a book, a concert hall, a stadium and a sports hall.

The goal pursued by the children's camp "Sosnovy Bor" is to create the most suitable comfortable and, importantly, favorable conditions not only for children's recreation, but also for recovery. After all, it is health - this is the paramount value that everyone should think about, from small to large.

Camp "Pine Forest" like no other can safely boast of its successful location. It is located in a coniferous forest, in the middle of the Ural Mountains. Picturesque nature, fresh air, lakes and rivers will not leave anyone indifferent. The camp is located on the territory of nine hectares in the Gayva district of the city of Perm.


Rooms in which the children are lodged - four-five-bedded, comfortable, with repair. In any of them there is a separate bathroom. Each building has its own independent heating, because the camp works all year round, so there is always both hot and cold water. They feed visitors in various ways. Employees understand that the children's body is growing, so food is provided six-time.

For children, the diet includes different vitamins. Such as freshly squeezed juices, vegetables, fruits, and naturally, dairy products. There are excellent chefs working in the camp. The territory itself is ennobled, so the guests are asked to follow and keep it clean.

Suggested Entertainment

For those who think to visit the children's camp "Sosnovy Bor", an excellent and, importantly, diversified leisure is provided. Since there are no comrades for the taste and color, the entertainment program is very multifaceted. The offers of the camp will be able to interest not only children, but also their parents. After all, every child will be able to find an occupation that he likes. The camp "Pine Forest" offers bathing in a large 25-meter pool, water games, watching interesting films and cartoons.

In addition, performances on the stage and theatrical performances in the concert hall, various competitions, contests, competitions. "Pine Forest" is a camp that gives every child the opportunity to practice their favorite sport, to arrange relay races. In the evening, children can visit a disco or a festival. To organize a delightful holiday for any child, skilled employees, as well as sports sections and all kinds of different clubs work hard here.

The Sosnovi Bor health camp organizes daily active, mobile, but also developing games, quizzes. The picturesque nature also has to hikes, tourist excursions and swimming in a forest lake.


As for the treatment, the children's camp "Sosnovy Bor" provides an opportunity for children's recovery. He offers a variety of procedures. The most popular in the camp are the sessions of massage (classical, therapeutic, also there is the possibility of lymphatic drainage).

Pine Forest is a camp that also provides speleotherapy (if the child suffers from bronchial asthma), kinesitherapy, diet therapy and physical therapy (there are oxygen masks and the possibility to use both mineral and fresh water), as well as hydrotherapy, balneotherapy (salt baths And blue clay). The treatment and health complex will help to overcome various ailments for children, such as ear diseases, respiratory problems (for example, bronchitis or asthma), diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system, and help to cope with skin and digestive problems.


Undisputed plus is also a democratic price, which many parents will like. The price of a voucher to the camp "Pine Forest" varies depending on its type. For example, that kind, which is of a health-giving nature, will cost 25,900 rubles. The price includes meals and swimming pools in addition to accommodation. The second kind of tour to the camp is therapeutic and health-improving. Its price in this case rises to 31 200 rubles, because the cost also includes medical procedures, according to the diagnosis and problems of the child.

It is also necessary to clarify that the duration of the health check-up is 21 days, while the medical and recreational shift lasts for three days longer, namely 24.


Most often in the "Pine Forest" (camp), they prefer to travel in the summer. There are four shifts for the health tour. The first one runs from June 6 to June 26, the second from June 28 to July 18, the third from July 20 to August 9, and the fourth from August 11 to August 31.

Also, with a large influx of visitors, Pine Forest offers an additional opportunity to visit from May 29 to June 18. As mentioned above, the duration of the treatment shift in the camp is a little longer - 24 days. Therefore, for this trip, only three options are envisaged for the trip, specifically: the first shift begins on June 20 and lasts until July 13, the second - from June 15 to August 7, and the third starts on August 9 and ends on September 1.

Tips for parents

Before coming to the camp, the children will need to undergo a medical examination in order to make sure that the child's health will allow him to stay in the collective of his peers and in nature.

Be sure to visit the dentist before the trip and notify employees if your child has an allergy to some plants, food or smells in order to eliminate allergens as much as possible. The main requirement for parents is to send their children to rest.

And in this wellness camp they will take care of maximizing their health. "Pine Forest" is a camp, after a visit of which the parents and their children will be satisfied!

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