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What is the difference between a Waldorf kindergarten and an ordinary child?

All responsible parents want only the best for their children. Mothers and fathers study various methods of development and upbringing, but when there is a need for adults to go to work, most of the kids fall into municipal kindergartens. Some state institutions of preschool education abuse the outdated principles of education, and someone rejoices at the long-awaited place for the child. As they say, there is not much to choose from, and somewhere to arrange a baby for the duration of the parents' work is necessary. In fact, there is a choice, just not everyone knows about such a phenomenon as the Waldorf kindergarten.

A new look at familiar things

Rudolf Steiner is considered the founder of anthroposophy - science and philosophy, implying the introduction in the education of children and the life of people in general some of the new principles. In 1919 the first school was opened, which used new principles for teaching and educating students. This educational institution was located in the city of Waldorf (Germany). Six years later the follower of R. Steiner opened the first Waldorf kindergarten, named, despite its location in Stuttgart, in honor of the location of the first school. Today, more than 2500 educational and medical institutions that use the pedagogical principles of this methodology successfully work throughout the world. In Russia, Waldorf pedagogy was only talked about in the 80s of the last century. Today in our country there are 25 schools and about 70 groups in kindergartens and other educational associations.

Basic principles

What makes the Waldorf kindergarten different from any other? The concept of pedagogy has a number of special principles. The first and most important of them - every child is a person and has the right to education and upbringing. In the work of teachers should use an individual approach, based on the characteristics of each child, his age, interests and needs. The Waldorf kindergarten is the place where instruction is based on the example of the educator and imitation of him. The authority of the teacher is also important in the school, but already from the middle of the general education program the personal responsibility and independence of the student come to the fore. During the education and upbringing of the child, the emphasis is on the all-round development of the personality, the strengthening of the corporal shell and the maintenance of health.

Unusual kindergarten

In the Waldorf educational institution there is no hurry for many of us. In the morning, parents bring the child to a kindergarten - and immediately the teacher comes out to meet the baby, ready to hug him and lead him to the group. The main pastime of children in such an institution is free games. At the same time there are practically no bans, every child can show his imagination and skills, using all available toys and improvised items. Of course, if someone decides to do something insecure and unacceptable, the teacher will immediately help the child switch to another type of activity. But all this will happen without strict prohibitions. The word "no" for children does not exist in principle in Waldorf pedagogy. Pupils are allowed to behave "as an adult" and participate in the life of the group. In such kindergartens, children prepare salads themselves (using real sharp knives), participate in cleaning, make complex crafts - even the youngest sew and make their own electrogarlands.

Waldorf Pedagogy in Detail

The simpler the toy, the more fantasy works. With this statement it is difficult not to agree. Games with dolls and designers include any kindergarten program. Waldorf Kindergarten is a place where children will be offered colorful scraps, rag dolls with barely marked faces, wooden brusochki. All toys are made of natural materials. Conducted in such preschool institutions and traditional developmental activities - modeling, drawing, modeling from paper.

Are there any followers of R. Steiner in Moscow today?

For today in the capital of Russia it is registered about 15 preschool educational institutions and the separate groups which are positioned as Waldorf. Noteworthy is the fact that it is mainly about private and domestic kindergartens. But if you want, you can find a municipal pre-school education institution, which uses these principles of education. How to get to Waldorf kindergarten? Moscow is a large city, but theoretically a resident of any district can find an institution of pre-school education of the type of interest in transport accessibility from home. Such kindergartens are available in many parts of the city. In the municipal institution you can get in the order of the general line, in the commercial - on a fee basis.

Waldorf Kindergarten: feedback from parents

Despite the novelty of these principles of education for our country, there are already many admirers of the teachings of R. Steiner among Russians. Waldorf gardens favorably differ from traditional Russian ones. In them, according to the parents, there is an informal, family atmosphere. Children are accepted to withdraw no later than 17.00, while educators emphasize the importance of the family in the upbringing and position themselves as adult friends of pupils, rather than mentors. As for education and development, the greatest attention is paid not to cramming numbers and letters, but to aesthetic education. Many parents who chose this option for their kids are happy that there are enough preschool institutions of this type in Moscow today. And it does not matter which one you choose Waldorf kindergarten - "Path of grain", "Sun in a basket" or DS № 740. After a few weeks of visiting you will be able to assess the advantage and quality of education and training in a particular group and decide whether this method is suitable Your family.

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