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A few simple tips on how to cook buckwheat

Recently, the demand for buckwheat is quite high, thanks to the very popular "buckwheat diet". Judging by the reviews, it is effective enough and burns fats very quickly, and is this not an incentive for those who want, according to the advertisement, to lose ten kilograms in two weeks? But in order to eat this porridge, it needs to be cooked, and although it is almost impossible to spoil such a simple dish, there are still some simple recommendations on how to cook buckwheat correctly.

First of all, pick up a suitable pan. Enameled and aluminum will not work, as, firstly, in them the groats will lose their taste qualities, and secondly, you will not scrape them off the burnt grains. The most optimal option - a small cast iron or kazanok with a thickened bottom and tightly closed lid. Such a dish will allow the groats to evenly warm up and swell, and steam will not leave it.

Now go directly to the process. Before cooking buckwheat, it must be rinsed in large quantities of water. This will eliminate small pebbles and other debris from the cereals. Although, if you are a Cinderella, you can pick dry buckwheat from garbage with your hands. As for proportions, if you measure portions, for example, glasses, 2-2.5 glasses of water are added to one glass of cereal.

Many make the mistake of pouring buckwheat with cold water and putting on fire. This is exactly the way that shows how to cook buckwheat is not necessary, although it is possible. But it is best to bring salted water to a boil, into which to pour already harvested and washed croup. After the porridge boils, tighten the flame to a minimum and forget about it for about 14-15 minutes. Always remove the lid, let off steam and stir up the mess, because, in this case, you will have to steal it longer. Only after the water completely evaporates, you can turn off the cooker, but the buckwheat itself should stand for a while in a closed saucepan. You can even arrange a "sauna" for her, wrapping a heap with a bunch of terry towels or other "warm" rags. Also, do not spoil a small piece of butter, but if you are on a buckwheat diet, then you should not add to this dish, not only oil, but also salt.

And here's another way how to cook buckwheat properly so that it is tender and crumbly. You can weld it in the same way as described above, but after boiling off the water, arrange a saucer is not a sauna, but a water bath. In other words, the cossacks with already cooked buckwheat put in a pot of water, gently boiling on a slow flame (of course, the bottom of the cast iron should not touch the bottom of the pan). In such a water bath, simmer the mug for 15 minutes.

If you have time, here's a good recipe for how to cook buckwheat in the oven. From the dishes you will need a clay heat-resistant pot and a frying pan. Heat the oven on a small fire. We put the pot half asleep with washed buckwheat (only not ground), add a little sunflower or butter to taste, pour boiling water to cover the buckwheat on the finger (you can add a little) and, without covering it, we send it to the oven. Porridge is cooked for 3-4 hours on a small fire. When the buckwheat is covered with a crust, the pot must be pulled out of the oven, covered with a frying pan, turned over and in this form sent back to the oven for another hour.

In fact, there are many ways of cooking buckwheat porridge. Some of it is poured with cold water from the morning, and in the evening, when they come home from work, they simply bring to a boil; Others prefer to cook buckwheat in a double boiler, others in a microwave oven, the fourth ones like buckwheat with milk ... In any case, the choice is only for you. By trial and error, you are sure to find just your own, and therefore the most delicious way to cook buckwheat is this useful and versatile product.

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