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How to charge a mousetrap of various kinds

Those who met with rodents in their own home do not always know what to do about it. You do not just need to know how to load a mousetrap, but also to understand what they are like, how they work and what kind of result you should expect.

Before you start buying, you should know what types of mousetraps can be found on the shelves of stores.


This kind of traps is most common. These are the simplest devices. Most often made of a piece of plastic / wood, equipped with a clamp and a spring. Must be a place where you need to put a bait for the rodent. The mouse, which attracts the smell, comes to a trap. Touching the food, it starts the mechanism. The spring discards the bracket that kills the rodent.

Such traps can be used many times, removing the dead animal. It is not difficult to understand how to load a mousetrap. You just need to pull on the spring and put a piece of food on the hook.


Such traps are very easy, because they consist of two "jaws" made of plastic. They work because of the spring, which, straightening, slams the jaws. The trap responds to movement. Her scheme of work is simple, how to properly load a mousetrap of this design, even a child will figure it out. The lure is put between the parts that are slammed from touching the rodent. As a result, the mouse dies.

Electronic Models

Such mousetraps are the last word of technology. To destroy mice , a charge of electricity is used. The trap is a box connected to electricity. Learn how to charge a mousetrap, the instruction of which is attached to the product, is not difficult. The device operates as follows: the animal enters the box, falling into the likeness of an electric chair.

Traps that do not kill

There are several models of mousetraps, the animal in which does not die. This is an excellent choice for those who do not want to "dirty their hands" in murine blood. Prisoners can be released far from home at will. Applying these traps, you do not just need to understand how to load a mousetrap. It is necessary to regularly check the installed traps, since a captive mouse can die for two reasons:

  • dehydration;
  • stress.

Among other things, it is very important to make sure that the mice can not get to the house from the place where you released them.


Glue in traps is used natural or synthetic. Before you charge a mousetrap, you need to put it in a tray made of plastic, wood or plain cardboard. The bait is placed in the center, making sure that the glue ring has no ruptures. Having reached the food, the rodent is securely glued to the stand, being deprived of the ability to move. Such animals die from dehydration, hunger or even suffocation. As the mouse dies slowly, this type of trap activists try to add to the list of products that prolong the torment.

Homemade Mousetraps

It is not necessary to acquire a trap in the store - you can assemble this device at home. Such devices work just as well as purchased ones. With their help, knowing how to charge a mousetrap, you can get rid of pests in the country and at home. For such a device you need things that can be found in any household.

To arrange a trap at home, you need to take a three-quarter-full bucket filled with water. For the mouse to die quickly, soap should be added here. Then put the bucket in the place of the animal cluster. In order for rodents to climb to the bucket, you should install a ramp (board, panel). Floating food is lowered into the water. Attracted by the fragrance of the mouse, they fall into a bucket and drown.

To get rid of rodent pests, you can use a large number of different models of traps. With the help of any of them you can protect the dwelling from the rodent. It is very important to start the destruction of mice in time, as they are carriers of dangerous diseases. For example, it can be a hantavirus that spreads through urine and droppings. Rodents, in addition, are carriers of bedbugs and ticks that can infect humans with Lyme disease.

For the initial stage, it is better to use self-made traps, since it is not possible to charge a home-made mousetrap, nor to manufacture it. Such an adaptation is no less effective than expensive store devices. But such a simple design can save money that could be spent on purchasing proprietary funds.

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