Antiviral drugs for pregnant women. What antiviral drugs can be pregnant?

The waiting time of the baby is one of the most beautiful and long-awaited women in life. But not everything goes smoothly and serene. Sometimes there are situations when you need to start taking these or other medications. In this article we will discuss what antiviral drugs can be pregnant. You will learn the list of approved means, as well as get acquainted with the way they are used.

Antiviral drugs for pregnant women: when are they needed?

First of all, it should be said that such medicines must be taken with a cold. At the very beginning of pregnancy, the immunity of the expectant mother is greatly reduced. This is so that the fetus can safely penetrate into the wall of the uterus. Otherwise, the body of a woman simply rejects the alien body.

In connection with a decrease in immune protection, the expectant mother becomes more vulnerable to various viral infections. In this case, the pregnant woman feels chills, aching in the body, sore throat, heaviness in the head, runny nose and in some cases, fever. This condition is quite dangerous for an unformed child. That's why it's worth starting using antiviral drugs for pregnant women as early as possible. Tablets and medications should be prescribed by a doctor. Self-medication can lead to not very pleasant consequences.

Antiviral drugs for pregnant women: tablets and medications

If you get sick, then the first step to treatment should be to see a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to conduct the necessary studies and correctly diagnose. Only in this case the treatment will be appointed correctly. Many women believe that antiviral drugs and pregnancy are incompatible things. It is worth noting that this is not so. Certainly, many medicines are prohibited for consumption while waiting for the baby. However, there is a list of permitted medicines. Let's consider each of them in detail and find out in which cases it is used. So, what antiviral drugs can you take with pregnant women?

Tablets "Arbidol"

This medicine is often prescribed for future mothers. It helps to increase immunity and cope with the disease. Such antiviral medications for pregnant women have an instruction, which states that in this case, treatment is possible only after the appointment of a doctor. Tablets "Arbidol" can be prescribed in all trimesters of pregnancy. Even from the earliest possible time, the use of this drug is possible, but it must be agreed with the doctor.

Most often tablets "Arbidol" are prescribed in a prophylactic dose. If for an average person you need to drink the medicine several times a day, then the expectant mother will need to use the medication once a day in the amount of two capsules.

Oscillococcinum tablets

Antiviral drugs for pregnant women will be safer if they are made from natural remedies. Such medicines include tablets "Ocillococcinum". They are a homeopathic remedy. It is prescribed such a medicine during colds during all trimesters. Also, this drug is often recommended for poisoning or intestinal infection. Tablets "Ocillococcinum" increase immunity and gently affect the virus, removing it from the body.

The scheme of admission is chosen individually, it all depends on what kind of virus hit the body of the future mother. It is also necessary to take into account the duration of the disease.

Candles "Viferon"

Antiviral drugs for pregnant women can be produced not only in the form of tablets. Candles "Viferon" are used by rectal administration. This drug perfectly improves immunity and fights many types of viruses. For a baby, this remedy is safe only from the second trimester of pregnancy. That's why doctors try not to prescribe the treatment with Viferon candles in the early stages.

Dosage is selected individually for each future mother. With inflammation of the respiratory tract, candles are administered once a day. If the virus has affected the intestine, then more frequent use of this antiviral drug may be recommended.

The drug "Cycloferon"

What antiviral drugs can pregnant women have? From the third trimester, doctors recommend using the drug "Cycloferon" for the treatment of viral infections. This remedy perfectly improves the immune defense of the body and destroys viruses. It should be noted that taking this medication earlier in pregnancy can damage the development of the embryo. That's why doctors always take into account the trimester of pregnancy when they want to prescribe such a remedy.

The drug "Cycloferon" fights not only with colds. It perfectly helps with poisoning, intestinal flu, ear inflammation and other ailments that are caused by the development of the virus in the body. The medication is always administered individually. Each pregnant woman gets her own dosage and treatment scheme. In some cases, the pill should be taken with a break in a few days. All these data should be checked with your doctor.

The preparation "Kipferon"

This type of candles is also an antiviral agent. It is used by rectal administration. The dosage of interferon in this agent is much higher than in the drug "Viferon". That is why the drug is prescribed in especially severe cases: with influenza, acute intestinal infections, otitis and other diseases.

It should be noted that the use of the medicine is allowed only in the third trimester of pregnancy, when all the organs and systems of the future baby are already formed. At earlier times, the development of the embryo can be adversely affected. It is strictly forbidden to use the drug without a doctor's appointment.

The medicine Anaferon

Some antiviral medications for pregnant women have the following: fever, pain, and so on. In this case, it is most often recommended to use the Anaferon. It should be noted that the drug can be produced in the form of tablets or granules. It perfectly removes heat, pain, improves immunity and disinfects the body. Depending on the form of the virus, an individual method of application is chosen.

Dosage is also selected individually. It is worth noting that the tool "Anaferon" is quite safe (homeopathic). That's why it can be taken in large doses, but never deviate from a doctor-appointed treatment.


So, now you know what antiviral drugs can be pregnant. Drugs and reviews can be different. Many future mothers say that they were assigned several funds in aggregate. For example, a throat "Tantum Verde" was recommended for the throat, inside it was necessary to take the tablets "Arbidol", and in the nose to drip the agent "Isofra".

Such treatment can quickly put a pregnant woman on her feet. However, it must always be remembered that while waiting for the baby, women need to be especially careful and keep bed rest until full recovery. Also, in addition to the standard treatment of medicines, you need to drink more warm liquids. It can be tea, lemon water, milk or berry fruit. A large number of drunk will help to remove the virus from the body in the shortest possible time. With sore throats, use honey and raspberry jam, but be careful with these remedies. A large number of folk remedies can cause an allergic reaction. When cold symptoms appear, always consult a doctor and treat with approved medications.

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