Catalyst Control Center - what is this program? Installing, configuring and completely uninstalling the program

The Catalyst Control Center is a special program from the AMD company, which was created to configure the video card, display images, monitor driver updates and all other functions. The developers are very proud, because they created a single control center in the face of the Catalyst Control Center. What is this program? You will learn by reading this article.

Utility functionality

The company began to attach this program to the drivers on its video cards, starting from 2007. For 9 years with the release of new generations of graphics chips, this utility has been improved and improved. Every year, video cards from AMD are becoming more powerful and steeper. However, without proper adjustment and control by the software, the iron part can not independently allocate resources, which often leads to low productivity. Or vice versa: the video card can run at full capacity and overheat because of this, which will lead to malfunctions or complete breakdown of equipment.

But not only for modern platforms, this software can be useful. On fairly old machines, this program can help in optimizing the work and "squeeze out" a bit of FPS for your favorite game. Also the application is able to track all changes and updates in the drivers and carefully notify the user about it. In addition to the described tasks, the program is engaged in setting up multiple screens connected simultaneously, allows you to adjust the color rendering, contrast and other parameters bypassing the monitor settings and much more. No owner of the system, assembled on the AMD platform, will not abandon the Catalyst Control Center. What kind of program is it and what are its tasks, we sorted it out. Now let's proceed with the installation.

Program installation

To do this, you need to go to the official website of AMD company Click the "AMD Software" tab in the left column of the menu. Here is a page with a full description of the program we are interested in and its capabilities. If you want, you can read it and learn something new for yourself. At the bottom of the text there is a button "Download here" - click on it.

You will be transferred to the download page for all drivers and software. In the menu, select your operating system, its bit depth (the most important) and the model of the video card (just specify the series). Next, you will go to the page with all available software for your video card and OS characteristics. Download Catalyst Control Center from this page. Then open the installation file and follow the instructions. During the installation, you can select the components that you want to install. You have the option to install the immediately updated version of the drivers along with the software. Now you know how to install the Catalyst Control Center.

To uninstall the program, you need to use the "Windows" management toolbar or go to the folder with the installed program and open the uninst.exe file. Be careful not to delete the driver for the video card along with the configuration application by mistake. How to uninstall the Catalyst Control Center, you know, now go to the first launch.

First start of the program

When you first start, you need to choose one of two modes. If you are not very knowledgeable in the setup question, then choose the basic mode. Here you can set the screen resolution, adjust the picture quality and the number of connected monitors. Also, in a simplified form, it is proposed to select the operating mode of the video accelerator: either quality or performance. The setting is made in the form of a slider, the default is a balanced mode. In the last tab you can adjust the display of the video. This allows the basic mode to end.

If you can independently adjust the performance of the video card by all parameters, then select the advanced mode of AMD Catalyst Control Center. The setting in the additional mode is very easy to open, even if you selected the basic mode the first time you started. To do this, simply click on the "Advanced" button. Here the experienced user has where to go for a walk. Let's consider this mode in more detail.

Additional settings

In the advanced mode you will find everything you can imagine. Starting from changing the appearance of the window and ending with the subtle settings of the video card in the Catalyst Control Center. What kind of program is it, you ask, where are the settings? First, we'll figure out in which direction you need to configure the graphics card.

If you know that the power of the video card is enough with a margin, but it is not used, it is necessary to unscrew all parameters to the maximum. You can also configure the program for performance, which will allow you to get a small increase in FPS on a weak video card.

More about points

To adjust the 3D settings, go to the "3D Graphics Settings" tab. The first sub-item is "Standard Parameters". Here everything is exactly the same as in the base mode - a visual image that shows the changes, and the "Performance-Quality" slider. We put it in the right position or leave it in the middle.

Next is "Smoothing". Putting the parameter in the 6X position, you will save yourself from the ladders on the faces, but the number of frames per second will drop. Reducing the parameter to 2X works by the opposite principle.

Anisotropic filtering is responsible for detailing the surface of objects. The minimum parameter is 2X, and the maximum is 16X. Performance and quality work on the same principle as in the case of anti-aliasing. In the same way, the details are adjusted.

The last sub-item is additional settings. Here you can select the parameters of the DirectX 3D and OpenGL accelerators. As you can see, you can configure almost any characteristic of the video card using the Catalyst Control Center. What is this program and options for setting, you know. It remains to understand the possible problems.

Tips for troubleshooting startup problems

If there are any problems with the startup or stable operation of the program, check its bit depth and compare it with the size of your operating system. The Catalyst Control Center also does not start because of an older version. Download the latest update for the utility on the official website.

If nothing helps, try completely to remove the AMD software along with the video card driver and reinstall it. Select the Program Files folder on the system partition of the hard disk in the installation location. The path to the folder should not contain Russian letters.

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