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We compose our list of human deficiencies

In the world there are no ideal people, therefore all have some list of certain advantages and disadvantages. From what it all can depend? Education, attitude and even belonging to a particular sector of the zodiacal circle.

About the concept

What does this concept mean, is it possible to make a list of the shortcomings of a person? What are the imperfections of a person's character? This can be cowardice, laziness, lies, etc. However, one should not be too categorical, because sometimes various flaws can be turned into positive sides and use it qualitatively.

Disadvantages of people

It is worth noting that the list of human deficiencies can be divided into several categories. So, there are human shortcomings of a person's character , there are purely feminine and purely masculine. As for the common negative aspects of the person, it can be rudeness towards others, inability to keep secrets, constant lies, a desire to stand out against the background of others, while humiliating people. However, such a character trait as the desire to tell the truth about a person in the eyes of some people can be considered correct, and some condemn, it all depends on how much the information received was liked by the interlocutor. Here it is possible to draw a definite conclusion that there are no absolutely objective drawbacks, it all depends on the person's point of view. So, people manage to justify even a lie for good, relating it closer to the positive side.

About women

An interesting and even to some extent useful may seem to be a list of the disadvantages of a man of the weaker sex; women. After all, a modern lady is a person with a special set of shortcomings, including not necessarily negative ones. So, today women are often double-minded, this is necessary in order to reach a sufficiently high level in certain circles. And together with this stale and wooden, so as not to waste your emotions in vain. Negative qualities are also replenished with tactlessness (grandmother's syndrome under the entrance), greed, excessive consumption. Most girls today are capricious, mannered and unduly confident in their own irresistibility. The list of human shortcomings (in this case, women) can be supplemented with modesty (oddly enough, in the modern world this is more a defect than a virtue), and also the talkativeness that can be attributed to both good and not very pleasant aspects of the character.

About men

It is also worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of a man of the stronger sex - men. So, to the negative aspects of the nature of the guys can be attributed untidiness (non-washed and nenautjuzhennye things, dirty shoes, impure hair, nails, the smell of sweat , etc.), greed, stinginess, pettiness. It is also not good if the man is jealous or rude (especially with the ladies). Not for the better for the representative of the stronger sex will play a tediousness, non-punctuality, unintelligence. It is worth noting that the patriarchal views - this is also a lack of men, because he believes that in addition to work, a woman should also be engaged in a home, because this is not the work of a representative of the stronger sex (and there are still quite a few such nuances).


We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of a person, this list is far from complete. It can be replenished every day. However, as it was said above, he would rather be individual, subjective, because in such a matter personal attitude to the traits of people's character is important . The pure objectivity, truth in the world simply does not exist, it is all the work of one person or a group of people.

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