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Details on how to make colored glass in "Maynkraft"

If you are a beginner in this virtual world and want to know how different objects are made, then you have to read many articles. Today we decided to tell you about how to make colored glass in "Maincrafter". In fact, there are several options with which you can create this block, but we will describe for you the simplest and most accessible, and also tell you what components will be required for crafting. At once it is necessary to mention that before making the necessary element, you need to make its original version. In order to get the glass, "Maincrafter", according to its rules, requires the player to pre-dig up the sand, then extracted the coal and - most importantly - created the oven, if it does not already have it. In it it is necessary to put the components, or rather, sand and coal. Then you should wait a while. In the end, you get an ordinary clear glass.


Let's now go directly to the main question: how to make colored glass in "Maynkraft." To make the block, we need to create a workbench, after which we can go to the extraction of the dye. The latter is easy to get from different colors, which you probably already saw in the meadow.


Cut down the necessary plants, after which we put them on the workbench, then the dye is obtained. As we said earlier, in order to produce a colored glass, you need to know its recipe. But the algorithm of action is quite simple. When all the components are available, you can proceed to the solution of the question of how to make colored glass in "Maincrafter". Take the dye and place it on the workbench. Remember that you should select the center cell. All other holes that are located around, it is necessary to fill with ordinary transparent glass.

An exception

If you have a desire to learn the recipe for obtaining white glass, then we will respond to it. Instead of the dye, you need to use bone meal. In fact, the question of how to make colored glass in "Maynkraft" is very easy to solve, while the game has the ability to produce such items in different shades. If you need a thin element, then you need to remember that it will not yield to coloration. Get it is not so difficult: it is enough to produce ordinary glass, and then put the foundation in a workbench and scrape on a prescription. However, from thin glass you can back to make a thick and if necessary paint it.

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