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"Legends of Eisenwald": passing game

Today we will talk about the game "Legends Eisenwald." Passage of it, as well as a description will be presented below. This project combines tactical elements and features of the RPG genre.


To begin with, let's briefly talk about the plot of the game "Legends Eisenwald." The review should begin with a description of the protagonist. He will collect troops and make a dangerous journey, passing through the lands of Eisenwald. Let's consider in detail what will happen in the way of the character of the game "Legends of Eisenwald". The review can not accommodate all those adventures that are included in the plot, but we note that here we are waiting for friends and opponents, the original combat system. In addition, the creators based their project on gloomy legends, leaving the usual fantasy.

Sage, inn, amulet

So we figured out some features of the game "Legends Eisenwald." Passage of it is incredibly large. It can take several tens of hours. Therefore, the instruction will be extremely brief. We talk with the sage. We carry out his instructions. We pass to the Old churchyard. We leave for the tavern. We get information about the tower, in which you can find the amulet of Samael. We speak with Zeilitz. We follow the hike, heading for the castle. Proceed to the next stage.

Fortress, homestead, victory

Next, we have to find a fishing bay in the game "Legends Eisenwald." The passage of this stage is to wait in the indicated shelter, when the owner of the castle leaves it. Next, grab the fortress. We pass to the attack of the manor of Otto Kyustenkats. We receive the package. We leave for the pier. We sit down on the ship. We descend from the ship. We visit the tavern. We go to the monastery of St. Lucia. We intercept a band of robbers. We report on the actions taken. Next, the game "Legends of Eisenwald" prepares us for a journey to the cemetery. We take the skull there. Solve the problem with the employer. We return Zion to his father. We talk with Beerlot. We agree to the task.

We organize a round-up, its purpose is bandits near the castle. The leader slips away. We catch him again. We speak with the head of the bandits. We report to Beelott. We are solving the problem of civil strife. We pacify the barons. We go to the outpost. We agree to meet with Kurt. We leave, using a new way, to the castle. However, you first need to look into the tavern. We drink an unknown wine. The main character loses consciousness.

We come to our senses and hurry to the castle. We arrive at the destination and run away from Berolt, who turned out to be a traitor. We leave our own lands, bypassing mountains. At the same time, we do not enter into battle. We select along the way nine malachites, six pyrites and the same crystals of black crystal. We leave for Mole. We get him out of the special mine, which is in the northern part, if we take the village as the starting point. We speak with Mole and go to the estate of Adam. We enter into battle with the knights. We select the wine. We leave for the outpost near the river. Waiting for Honn. We release his bride. We report on the executed task. We proceed to the ferry. We give the dealer precious stones, collected earlier. We follow the forest of Erzglentz. We are heading to the ancient ruins and find the "Cat's Mirror". We meet with monks who are on a hill. The spirits attack. The main character loses consciousness.

Simplify the task

Now let's talk about the tricks that are available in the game "Legends Eisenwald." Codes in this case are not provided, but supernatural abilities can be obtained with the help of special add-ons, which must be downloaded and installed separately. Such an approach will open access to endless lives, unsurpassed statistics, unlimited gold reserves and experience. To work with this add-on, you must download it from a trusted source. We unpack the received archive. Copy all the files from it to the root directory of the game. Launch the extension. We enter the game. You can proceed to use new features. The list of commands, as well as the way they are activated, may vary depending on the version of the add-on used.

Now you know everything you need about the game "Legends of Eisenwald." The passage, as well as the description and secrets available in this project, have been described in detail above.

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