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Various mechanisms in Minecraft, their types and applications

In this article, we'll look at the various mechanisms in Minecraft. They are either simple or more complex, requiring a lot of time for building and a huge amount of resources. In order to see all the mechanisms in Minecraft, it's enough to go into the creative mode of the game, open the "Inventory" and click the "Mechanisms" tab.

In Minecraft, the mechanics of the game are such that with the help of all kinds of blocks, simple mechanisms, you can build both conventional designs and more technological ones. If the first simply pleases the eye, then the second, for example, will also respond for opening doors, lifting the elevator or collecting items.

Consider the various mechanisms in Minecraft, which the game developers offer to implement our zadumok:

  1. Red dust. Material that is mined in mines at great depth. Used to supply electricity to other objects and mechanisms, acting as a wiring. Also it is added to the recipes to create some simple mechanisms.
  2. A torch made of red dust. Serves as a power source. Various mechanisms in Minecraft rarely do without it, and in some situations it is simply irreplaceable. Using a torch of red dust, very complex electrical circuits are being built.
  3. Doors, iron and wooden. If you can open the wooden with a simple click of the right mouse button, then to open the iron you will need additional devices, for example, a button or a lever connected to the door using red dust.
  4. Pressure plate. It is made of wood or other hard materials, serves to activate mechanisms when they are being thrown on or thrown by an object.
  5. Repeater. Enhances the signal if the chain of red dust has a length of more than 15 blocks. Also able to delay the signal or send it to one side.
  6. Pistons. It is necessary to shift blocks, very often used in complex structures like elevators, traps, trusses. They are involved in the operation of an alternating current source (in its scheme instead of a torch made of red dust, inverters are used based on pistons).
  7. Dynamite. Used to create a sufficiently effective (if properly calculated time of explosion) traps, as well as the destruction of blocks (you can make a complex design that will shoot arrows or dynamite itself for long distances). Activated by means of levers, buttons, pressure plates.
  8. Distributor. Used to give different items to the player. With his help, you can also build a fairly dangerous trap in the form of a machine gun made from arrows.
  9. Notation block. If you carry an electric chain of red dust to it, you can get different sounds. It is also used in the role of alarm: for example, when you press the pressure plate it will start to make sounds.

So, we looked at the various mechanisms in Minecraft. Based on this information, you will have an initial understanding of them and will be able to apply this knowledge in practice. Of course, the list is incomplete. The game is often updated, skillful players come up with increasingly complex designs, and new mechanisms in Minecraft appear with each next patch.

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