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Passage Braid - a tale of lost time

A banal story about the enamored prince, who overcomes incredible difficulties and solves various clever puzzles with the sole purpose of saving the beautiful princess in the tower, has beaten off the edge long before the advent of the era of video games. But, strangely enough, similar stories are used quite actively even in expensive and high-profile projects. A vivid example of this can serve as a multi-series saga from Ubisoft about the brave prince of Persia, regularly, sparing no effort (and even fewer numerous enemies), saving his beloved.

But the passage of the game Braid, despite all its low-budget, has many attractive features and its unique moments. First of all, starting the passage of Braid, it may seem that we are dealing with a clone of the old two-dimensional arcade Super Mario. But this is not so. Passage Braid has its own "zest" - the ability to control the flow of time. The fading colors are a clear sign of being draped back in time.

In general, we have much more than an unpretentious clone of the old hit. No wonder the best platformer of 2009 was recognized as Braid. Passage of this incredibly bright, superbly balanced and dynamic game abounds with numerous original puzzles that will please not only experienced gamers, but also beginners. Each such puzzle has its own unique solution. This game is a real masterpiece of elegant puzzles and daring challenges left to the gamer.

The first detail that causes surprise in the game is the rewind mode. This seemingly uncontrolled magnitude in the game is not only a full-fledged participant in the gameplay, but also an indispensable assistant in solving numerous puzzles. Another important detail of the colorful, animated world of Braid is the relationship with the unusual kind of opponents. Original woolen glomeruli, remotely resembling cartoon lion heads, and toothy pink rabbits from sworn enemies can easily become true allies. In the game, they play a role, depending on the situation, then a reliable support, then a comfortable springboard. Without the timely assistance of these unfriendly inhabitants of the game world, the passage of the Braid is not possible.

But, perhaps, the most surprising is this , As you progress through the locations of the game, realize that all these brilliant developer solutions from Number One are woven into one incredibly intriguing story-ball. Do not have time to get used to the mechanics of time management and adversaries-jumps, as the Braid already reincarnates, throwing unusual story turns. The passage of the Braid is a radical game condition that forces you to completely discard all logic and forget the word "impossible."

Slowing down or stopping time, jumping on falling enemies, reaching up to non-existent levers and pulling them, you understand that at the same time your double performs exactly the same actions. Is not this genius? This is Braid. A wonderful, slightly philosophical and a little lyrical tale of lost time and eternal love, addressed to those who are already much more than seven. With a beautiful history and surprisingly elegant puzzles.

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