Bed-ottoman with a lifting mechanism: features. How to choose furniture for a small room?

Having a small apartment area, it is almost impossible to equip a full bedroom. It is thanks to the consumer demand for compact furniture that provides a comfortable sleeping place in the unfolded form, manufacturers are trying to create a wide variety of models of sofas and soft corners. The most optimal option for small apartments will be a bed-ottoman with a lifting mechanism.

Types of beds

The ottoman can be single or double. The principle of its operation and design features are almost identical in both types. The difference is only in functionality and size. A single bed has less storage space, while a double bed provides space for a full-fledged array of personal and bedding.

Bed-ottoman with a lifting mechanism makes it possible to save on the purchase of bulky cabinets that occupy a large area of already limited space. In addition, the main advantage is the presence of an orthopedic mattress, which provides a comfortable and correct location of the body in a dream, so that in the morning you do not feel fatigue and there is no pain in the muscles or back.

How to choose furniture for a small apartment?

It is more difficult to equip a small living space. After all, in one room should be located all the necessary for a comfortable living functional areas.

The corner bed with a lifting mechanism is a folding sleeper, which functions as a sofa in the daytime. Multifunctional furniture allows you to comfortably equip any living space.

Features of mechanisms

Depending on the required sizes, you can buy a traditional single or double bed-ottoman or order furniture according to individual sizes, which is especially convenient in case of non-standard and small space.

When ordering furniture, it is important to take into account the changing cost when choosing non-standard models. The price of the mattress in this case can also increase significantly. The most popular variant of a sofa-bed is a sofa with a mattress on the spring block. A poor-quality mattress can not provide a healthy and comfortable sleep and will cause a feeling of fatigue and curvature of the spine.

Bed-ottoman with a lifting mechanism should have a qualitative skeleton of sufficient thickness and strength. Only in this case it can withstand the necessary loads.

Ottoman for a child

The use of the ottoman for the child has several advantages at once:

  • A quality frame, a mattress and a spring block ensure the correct location of the body in a dream, so that the internal organs and the spine of the child are not deformed and most diseases do not develop.
  • For children of small age, there is an opportunity to equip special edges that will protect the baby from falling at night. Bed-ottoman with a lifting mechanism fully meets all the requirements of a child's bed.
  • The design and mechanism of the bed is very simple, so a child of middle age can independently decompose and fold it.
  • The choice of finishes makes it possible to choose the necessary design from a fabric that will be easy to clean and to some extent withstand the appearance of contaminants. In the children's room it is better to choose patterned colors of bright tones. In this case, during the day, the sofa can replace the playground.

The ottoman bed with a lifting mechanism is able to provide a full bed, in the daytime it is used to receive guests, it does not take up much space and can become a highlight of the interior.

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