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Where to get in the game "The Witcher" swords: guide

Despite the fact that in all parts of the series there are samples of very different weapons, you can only use swords. It is impossible to explain the addiction of witchers to this type of mortal cannon, but such are the realities - no matter how imposing an ax you seem to be, it is useless for a character. However, despite the fact that the main weapon in the game "The Witcher" is a sword, he has different purposes. Silver copies are responsible for the destruction of various evil spirits, and steel is designed to kill animals and people.

So steel was tempered

Let's start with the first part of the famous game. The main weapon used by a witcher is swords made of steel. Although the player is a fighter of monsters, a considerable amount of time will also be fought with the most diverse bandits. It is for them and will require the following tools for killing.

The next set of swords is not suitable for a serious fight and it will not be difficult to get it. Products have mediocre characteristics and will not cause serious damage.

  • Rusty sword.
  • Temer steel sword.
  • Sword of the Order of the Burning Rose.
  • Temer's Iron Sword.

Further on the list are useless and inefficient due to insignificant damage, tools. Although they have additional characteristics, but because of the low base modifier, their use is not recommended. In the game "The Witcher", the swords that a player finds are not always better than the one he uses, so that such garbage can only be selected for sale.

  • Runet's sword from Dol Blatanna.
  • Ceremonial sword from Deitven.
  • Elven sword from the Blue Mountains.
  • The sacred sword of the Order.
  • The Forbidden Sword. It comes closest to the notion of "efficiency". You can get it in Chapter 3, taking away from the murdered assassin.

The most reliable companion will be in the game "The Witcher" sword, made by own hands. Meteorite swords are crafted from three pieces of the corresponding material and differ in characteristics that depend on the ore color used.


Separately it is worth mentioning the unique weapons from the game "The Witcher" - swords that occur in a single instance and have their own names.

  • A runy sigil from Makahama. You can get it at the end of the quest "It will not hurt."
  • Harvall. It is possible to find it only in the second chapter near the tower of the magician in the marshes.
  • Gwichiro. It is bought from the son of a blacksmith. But it is available only in the fourth chapter.
  • D'yaebl. When you finish the task with the stryga and remove the curse, you can get it from Velerad.


The best remedy for the very different evil spirits that the witcher owns are swords made of silver. In the first part of the game there are not so many of them as we would like, but they completely cope with the task:

  • Basic "Silver Witch of the Witcher".
  • Arondite. You can get it only in the 4th chapter, after completing the quest "Kill Dagon".
  • "Moonblade" is the best example of a witch's weapon. After killing 10 special monsters you can get it from the Chief Royal Stalker.

The Witcher 2

Starting with this part, the developers have densely embarked on filling the game with content. However, most of the swords that you will encounter in the game "The Witcher 2" are either absolutely useless, or are "passing", and you will change them in five minutes.

  • In "Prologue" the player is unlikely to find anything worthwhile. The only thing that should be mentioned: if a gamer imports saves from the first part, depending on the final equipment, you can get a number of good blades.
  • The first chapter is rich in good weapons, which are acquired with the help of crafting. Carefully inspect the list of products in Flotzam. There you can get one of the most interesting drawings. Berthold can help create the best sword of this series.
  • In the second part of the story, you can find three wonderful steel swords. All of them are in the passage of the "path of Yavort". A unique nameplate "Gwichir" you will receive at the end of the quest "The Nightmare of Baltimore". "Poisoned Zerrikanskaya saber" hangs over the fireplace in Philippi's room after the siege is over. "Caedwen black sword" can be knocked out of the hands of one of the officers on the way to the mines.
  • If you could get the Gwyhir, then you will not need a replacement soon. A lot of good blades you will find on the shelves of stores. In the fourth chapter there are three nominal swords, on which it is worthwhile to stop separately. "Garval" is sold from the merchant in the camp of the knights of the "Burning Rose". "Forgotten sword Vranov" you will find, passing the "Path of Rocher": choose the option of releasing Anias, and in Detmold's safe you will find the desired blade. "Kerm" can be obtained by craft, and to find the drawing, you will have to defeat the gargoyle and decipher the manuscript.

Silver shine

"The Witcher 2" is also rich in silver weapons. And unlike steel brothers it makes sense to change them more often, because they are rich in various bonuses, which must be selected for a specific style of play.

  • In Prolog you get "Arondite" and "Moon Blade" when importing saves from the first part, if they were in your inventory.
  • The first chapter is very poor with a variety of weapons against evil spirits, and most of the items found will be useless, especially if you have left the "Moon Blade". Attention should be paid only to the "Great Silver Witch's Sword" - you will receive his drawing when executing various contracts and hardly miss.
  • But in the second chapter, the player will already have plenty to choose from. "Parliamentary" is available when passing both paths. You can remove it from the corpse of the killer of kings or get it after the quest "Eternal battle". Next, the player will encounter several blades with a large loss, but with less effective bonuses, so the replacement is not recommended. At the end of the chapter, you can get the Blood Sword. Search for him in the catacombs near Vergen.
  • In the third chapter, even the worst blade will be better than anything you've seen before. But to make it, you need to buy a drawing from the merchant Bras in Ban Arda. You can also buy a sword design for it "Zerkaranen" - this is the best weapon in the whole game.

The Witcher 3: The Beginning

In the third part of the game "The Witcher" steel swords are rubbish, which can be safely sold. You can find such weapons everywhere: in dead monsters and bandits, chests, treasures and merchants. The same applies to silver weapons. Do the quests, carefully search the locations and study the map of the world, then you will certainly be able to find the equipment suitable for you in the level.

Many players, however, allot separate blades that differ in damage and efficiency from the rest. These are so-called set items. At the beginning of the game, in the location of the "White Garden" you can find a couple of swords that are marked "School of the snake". Silver sword for you is unlikely to work, because at this stage it is impossible to find enough silver ingots.

To get the drawings, go north to the "White Garden" in the cemetery. There you will have to fight with a ghost of the 7th level, after which he flies into the crypt. Break the door with the Aard symbol and continue the fight. After the final victory, carefully search the dungeon. Here you will find the remains of the hapless witcher and the drawing of the silver sword of the Snake school. In addition, you will see a mark on the map about the location of the steel sword of the same school. There you will have to defeat the camp of bandits, and in the chest you will find the required drawing. In the game "The Witcher 3", swords related to sets never lie simply in a chest, so you will also have to obtain the materials necessary for their manufacture.

Kota School

This is a pair of interesting blades related to the set of light armor. You can find drawings for them on the map of Novigrad. The sword of the silver sword is in the ruins of the temple in the southeast of the city. To get it, you have to use the Aard sign to break the locked door.

A mark on a steel sword appears on the map as soon as the drawing is received. There you will again have to use the sign to get to the basement. On the spot you will find a diagram of the blade and a new note with the coordinates of the crossbow drawing.

This way you can get the best low-level equipment in the game. His analogues can be considered the sets of "Bear" and "Griffin", but it is not necessary to look for them, because it's a little harder to get them.

Griffin School

The subjects of this set specialize in strengthening signs. Start their search can be from the seventh level, but the character without a good equipment and pumping will make it is quite problematic. In the game "The Witcher 3" swords not only help you in hand-to-hand combat, but also improve the possession of signs.

  • The initial version of the set in Velen is located. First go to the ruins of Hendhold in the north of the "tree of the Hanged". There you will be attacked by harpies. After killing them, go up to the nest and stand in front of it. To the left of you will be a secret door. With the help of the witch-catcher you will find a drawing on the body of one of the soldiers. The silver sword is hidden in the lighthouse of a lonely rock. To obtain the item, you will have to kill the 14th-level wyvern. However, combat can be avoided if one waits for the monster to fly away.
  • Diagrams for upgrading items are much easier to find. The drawing of the improved steel sword is in the camp of bandits to the west of Podlesye. Scheme of the silver blade - in the cave west of the camp Nilfgaard.
  • An excellent set weapon requires a level 21 character. In the port of Uriala on the hill you can find a drawing of a steel sword. The silver sword is hidden in a cave on the southern promontory of the main island of Skellig.
  • A master steel sword can be found in the ruined village of Boxholm. His "brother" you will find in an abandoned fortress on Skellig.

The Bear School

Another set from the game "The Witcher". The best swords, according to most players, belong to him. They are also divided into several grades, but as a bonus they give a good increase to the critical damage.

  • The first swords can begin to collect already at the 15th level or even higher. A drawing of a steel sword you will find on Skellig in a burned-out village. There, the sirens of the 20th level will wait for you in the tavern and the corresponding reward. You will find a silver sword at the prompt, but first prepare for a heavy fight - to guard the treasured object will be the gargoyle and the ice elemental of the 30th level.
  • The drawing of the improved steel sword is located at Fort Caer-Almhuld, west of the main island. Upgrade of the silver blade is stored in an abandoned fortress in the north-east of the main island. Both versions are hidden on Krivouhovye marsh.
  • With master swords everything is much easier. One of them you will find in the bear cave in the course of the plot task, the second is on a small island near the road to the Bald Mountain.

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