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Salmon salad: a recipe for cooking. Salads with salted, salted or smoked salmon

When the guests are on the doorstep, and you need to quickly cook something very tasty, then you will get excellent simple recipes for mouth-watering snacks. To prepare these dishes you only need to have a couple of canned fish in the refrigerator . Salad from a salmon will prepare even the beginning mistress, and its taste is incomparable. Using different options for fish (lightly salted, smoked or canned), you can please loved ones and friends with wonderful snacks.

Whipped salad

This salad is made from salmon canned. And you can cook it very quickly. He will become a wand in your collection of recipes. And it will require a standard set of products for its preparation. Take three boiled potatoes, three boiled eggs, 100 grams of hard cheese, several leaves of Peking cabbage, half a can of canned corn, one can of canned salmon, mayonnaise and dill. To make the salad gentle, potato three on a grater and put in a salad bowl. Add to it chopped Peking cabbage. Then we pour out the corn, having drained the liquid from the can. Salmon mash with a fork, getting rid of excess juice. We spread the fish in a salad bowl. Eggs grind and add to the total mass. Three with the help of a grater cheese and put it in the total mass. The finishing touch is the chopped dill. We fill salad from salmon (canned) with mayonnaise and serve it to the table.

Spring salad

This dish is best prepared in spring or summer, in the season of fresh vegetables. At this time they have a rich taste and make a salmon salted salad just delicious. You will need two ripe tomatoes, one medium-sized cucumber, a bunch of arugula, parsley and dill, one head of red onion, 100 grams of curd granular and 300 grams of slightly salted salmon. Rukkola, parsley and dill are cut into pieces, but not very finely. We send them to a salad bowl. Diced onions rings are added to the greens. Then we cut the tomatoes into cubes, but not very small, and the cucumber is semirings. In the salad bowl we spread grainy cottage cheese. Fish should also be cut into cubes and added to the rest of the ingredients. This salad is distinguished by its unusual dressing. To cook it you need to take two cloves of garlic, a small spoonful of balsamic vinegar, two large spoons of olive oil, half a small spoonful of good mustard, as much honey and spices (salt, pepper). All the ingredients are mixed and poured with salad salad salted salted salted. Delicious, fragrant, appetizing and very beautiful dish.

Spicy salad of salmon and squid

Thanks to spices, this salad turns spicy and very fragrant. It will take 450 grams of smoked salmon, a small spoonful of coriander, 75 grams of boiled squid, three boiled eggs (cut each into four pieces), 200 grams of boiled rice, three large spoons of freshly chopped cilantro, two tablespoons of cream of high fat, salt and pepper ground. Refueling is prepared from 50 grams of butter, 2 large spoons of lemon juice, salt and three spoons of tarragon. We remove the bones from the fish and cut them into pieces. Put rice, chopped squids, eggs, coriander, salmon, coriander, cream and pour into the saucepan. Solim and pepper to taste. Salad of smoked salmon before serving should be slightly heated.

Salad with pine nuts

There are no definite proportions in this dish. Salad salmon, the recipe of which is presented below, can be cooked to your taste. Put more greens, fish or vegetables - this is your choice. There is a place for creativity and experimentation. The following ingredients will be needed: arugula, iceberg salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, pine nuts, salted salmon and olive oil. All the components are washed and dried. Greens and lettuce are torn to pieces in medium size. Tomatoes and cucumbers are cut into any shape (cubes, straws or semirings). We divide the fish, separating the bones and the skin, cut it with straw and put it in the salad bowl to the rest of the products. Pine nuts should be lightly fried and also add them to a salmon salad. Solim to taste and water with olive oil.

Unusually, but tasty

The combination of melon and smoked salmon will surprise some. But sometimes such flavoring experiments cause an explosion of emotions in those who try them. The extra ingredients will make the salad salad even more spicy and exotic. Take this recipe for a note and, perhaps, it will become a favorite dish on your table. For cooking, you need 60 grams of mint leaves, a quarter spoon of lemon peel and black pepper, 200 grams of ground dill, 280 grams of blueberries (can be replaced with grapes without pits), 230 grams of smoked salmon and half a melon of medium size, cut into pieces. For filling, you need to take 170 grams of fat-free yogurt, a spoonful of lemon juice, 50 milliliters of olive oil, a spoon of honey, chopped garlic cloves, black pepper, half a small spoonful of nutmeg and salt. Let's start with the preparation of the sauce. Mix all the necessary ingredients so that the mass becomes homogeneous. Separately we connect mint, pepper and a peel of a lemon and we set aside. We put melon, blueberries, fish and herbs in a salad bowl. Top spread the mint-lemon mixture. Then we pour salad from salmon dressing and serve it to the table. A lot of flavors, spicy flavors and unusual ingredients make this dish amazing.

Cocktail salad

Finally we offer an unusual salad for a festive feast and cocktails. Its main feature is design. You need to prepare the following products: 100 grams of pickled ceps, a can of canned salmon, 100 grams of mayonnaise, one apple, tomato and greens. For registration we take wide glasses. Lay the products in layers. The first is chopped salmon. Then lay out pickled mushrooms, and on top - slices of apple. It must be sprinkled with lemon juice, so that it does not change its color. Top with lettuce and mayonnaise and decorate with greens and wedges of tomatoes. For beauty, you can use the leaves of a green salad, which we put on the bottom of the glass. This cocktail should be served with croutons or salty biscuits.

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