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How to make black currant wine at home

Wine from the black currant in the home can make any person, because such a tasty and healthy berry grows in almost every garden or garden. That is why to create a light alcoholic beverage you only need to wait until the middle of July to collect a small amount of fragrant dark fruits.

Detailed recipe for wine from black currant

Necessary ingredients:

  • Self-prepared leaven of raisins and sugar;
  • Black overripe currant - 3 kg;
  • Granulated sugar - 2 kg.

Before preparing the wine from the currant, you must make a leaven. To do this, take 100 grams of dark raisins (preferably with bones), it is good to sort it out, wash it in a colander and put it in a glass jar. After that, dried fruit should be flavored with 50 g of granulated sugar and pour warm boiled water (2 fingers above the sweet product). Then the mass should be mixed, and then covered with multilayer gauze and put in a dark warm place for exactly 5 days. By this time, the contents of the jar will ferment and form the necessary starter for a light alcoholic beverage.

Berry processing:

Wine from the black currant in the home should be done only after all 3 kg of ripe fruits have been processed. Thus, berries need to be well sorted, separated from twigs, cleaned of putrefactive elements, and then washed with a colander. Due to the fact that the currant quite badly secrete the juice, it is recommended to crush it into a gruel with a special wooden stupa.

Black currant wine at home: the process of cooking

After the fruits are completely processed and mashed, they need to pour 2 kg of granulated sugar, and then pour warm boiled water in the amount of 5 liters and previously prepared starter from raisins. Next, all the ingredients must be mixed well (until the sugar completely melts). It should be specially noted that the above actions should be performed in a fermentation vessel (with a water seal), in which it is required to leave a place for the foam.

Wine from the black currant at home should be insisted only in a dark place where the air temperature keeps at a level of 21 - 23 degrees Celsius. Full fermentation of such a light alcoholic drink from a dark berry lasts from one to one and a half months. The strength of wine from currants according to the recipe described is approximately 10 - 13% (depending on the type of berries and its sweetness). If you want a stronger drink, you can add a little more sugar to it. Although overdoing is also not worth it, because with an overabundance of sweet yeast can simply die and not recycle all sugar in alcohol.

After a month's fermentation, the ready-made red wine from the currant can be poured into a bottle with a hose, and also at the same time filter it. Next, the dishes with a drink should be well covered with a lid and put in a cool place for exactly a week. After 7 days, the wine must be filtered again, and then, leaving a minimum of bottled air, keep it for about a month.

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