All about the car GAZ M1

GAZ M1, commonly called "Emka", is a symbol of the pre-war and post-war era. This model was produced in 1936-1948, only during the war years was a break. The car became a modification of the GAZ A machine, which had a dermatone roof. Unlike its predecessor, the new model had an all-metal body that allowed using these "cars" in wartime.

GAZ M1 is a product of joint creativity of Soviet engineers and Ford specialists, which was carried out within the framework of a ten-year contract. It was based on the American model Ford Model B with a four-cylinder engine, which was reinforced to 50 horsepower. In addition, the chassis has changed a lot, where the front and rear springs, which were located transversely, were replaced by longitudinal ones in the number of 4 pieces. Modifications also underwent steering and wheels. The latter were replaced from the spokes to disk, which could not be better suited for Russian roads.

In addition, the appearance and interior of the GAZ M1 was slightly changed. For example, the front fenders were modified in the car, the option of adjusting the seating position for the length of the legs was formed. On the doors were made windows, and a mechanical indicator of the amount of gasoline was replaced by an electric one. Also now it was possible to turn on and off the headlights by pressing a foot on the special switch.

GAZ M1 was produced in black with a red stripe, and its interior had upholstery made of woolen cloth of gray or brown hue. The car moved, using primitive grades of fuel - from cheap petrol to kerosene. In general, GAZ M1 was considered a reliable and trouble-free mechanism. The car received its name from the abbreviation Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) and letters M by the name of Molotov, whose name was then worn by the enterprise. The number 1 was the serial number of the machine.

Car GAZ M1 buy today is not easy. But those who want to make such an acquisition, you need to know that there are several varieties of these machines. The model produced since 1938 may have a six-cylinder engine, and cars produced in 1937-1941 may be a taxi, as evidenced by the presence of additional coloring elements and a taximeter in them. There are also rare copies of cars produced during the Patriotic War, phaeton-type (without top) and caterpillar-type all-terrain vehicles on the basis of "emki".

It is very difficult to find people who would like to concede to someone at an affordable price GAZ M1. Sale of these brands is usually done through special sections for retro cars on Internet resources. Here it makes sense to talk to the owner about the condition of the body, because The machine can be about 60-70 years old, assess the overall technical condition. It should be borne in mind that spare parts for this car, as well as the corresponding masters, are very difficult to find, which entails the risk of not being able to move on the car. Although such machines are more often bought for collection content. The total number of GAZ M1 cars presented on the modern Internet market amounts to several dozen samples with a cost ranging from 100-200 thousand rubles to several million, depending on the security.

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