We mount screw piles with our own hands

Piles of screw type in modern construction are very popular. The main advantages of these elements are easy installation, the ability to mount screw piles with your own hands without the use of heavy equipment, low cost. The advantage is also the ability to mount them on different types of soil. And you can screw them even in winter.

The presented building elements can be purchased or manufactured by yourself. For self-production, you will need welding, Bulgarian, as well as steel sheet and pipes. Mounting the screw piles with your own hands is not very difficult, but before the installation procedure you need to mark out the territory and calculate the required number of piles.

The device is quite simple: a metal pipe of the right diameter, on which are the same metal blades. To select the piles, you need to consider their diameter and length. To screw the elements you can use special machines and equipment. The installation process will be fast, but for the mechanisms you need additional territory, as well as access to the site. Mount screw piles with your own hands is possible only with the help of your own labor and minimal adaptations. Although manual screwing may take longer, it will be cheaper, and special working conditions will not be required.

The presented elements are used not only to lay the foundation, but also to install the fence. Screw piles for the fence must first be calculated. Naturally, not only the number of elements is determined, but also their length, which largely depends on the height of the fence. To install the fence, first tighten the corner and end supports, and then mark and mount the spans.

The depth of screwing of the pipes for the fence is approximately 1.5 m. The distance between the elements should not be more than 3.5 meters. Spans between piles can be made of metal, mesh, wood or wrought iron.

Screw piles are screwed very quickly. To equip the screw fence, just a few days is enough. At the same time, such a fence is very strong, stable and functional.

As for the foundation of the house, before installing the foundation, the screw piles must be calculated and marked out the terrain. Best of all, if you deal with the installation will be a few people. To install piles, there is no need to dig trenches. After installation, all elements are cut to one level. The head on the pile is attached using welding.

Parts of the elements that protrude can be fastened by a channel, corner or even a monolithic slab. Such a foundation is allowed not to wait for its shrinkage, but to build the building immediately after mounting the piles. They can be screwed on uneven terrain. It does not need to remove a large layer of soil.

Screw piles with their own hands mount easily and conveniently, so they are in great demand and popularity in both private and other construction options.

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