How to connect the program from the company "Beeline" "Happy time"? How to use bonuses?

Bonuses and shares from mobile operators are always a pleasant surprise for subscribers. Not all services are automatically connected. And sometimes you have to understand one or another partner program. Today we will find out what the action from the company "Beeline" "Happy Time" is. This offer can bring a lot of pleasure to subscribers who have been working with our today's telecom operator for a long time. Let's begin our study of the task as soon as possible.


What kind of action is this from the company "Beeline" - "Happy Time"? This offer, which allows you to return as special points up to 15% of all communication costs. In truth, a very tempting offer. It is worth paying attention: you can spend bonuses at any time for your own needs.

True, the percentage of refunds as points depends directly on how long you are with the Beeline operator. "Lucky time" is accumulating in general, starting with 5% of costs. In principle, if you have been a subscriber for a long time, you can connect to the action and take advantage of its opportunities. How to do it?

Incredible Opportunities

We already know the description of the action "Beeline" "Happy Time". How to connect it, we'll talk later. For starters, it's worth emphasizing all the features of this program. For example, you can always transfer accumulated bonuses to a friend. True, only if he is also involved in the proposal.

How exactly can you put the idea into practice? To do this, you need to dial a special combination. Write * 767 # beneficiary's number of payment amount *. Now you should press the call button of the subscriber. And that's all, it's done.

True, here there is some restrictions on the Beeline campaign. "Lucky time" allows you to translate to friends at least 10 points, a maximum of 3,000 per day. They are stored on the balance for 30 days. If during this time you do not spend bonus points, they disappear. This is worth considering. In addition, in the request for sending funds, you must write a subscriber's number, as well as the amount of the payment, through a blank. No commas or other signs. Otherwise, it will not be possible to implement the idea.

Balance verification

Another thing that you should know immediately before connecting to the program is a balance request. It must be constantly monitored. After all, "Happy Time" "Beeline" has a validity. Points that you receive must be spent within 6 months. Otherwise, they burn.

How is the balance in this program checked? Dial * 767 * 2 # on your mobile device, and then wait until you receive a message with the balance of funds. Please note that there may be some delays. If after 5 minutes no messages have come, repeat the request. In principle, it is still all important information that should concern the subscriber. You can join Beeline's Be Happy. How to connect it to yourself? Now we'll figure it out.


Well, we decided to participate in a tempting offer from our today's operator. Now you can think about how to translate the idea into reality. There are several approaches. All of them are easy to learn even for a novice user.

First, at Beeline corporation "Happy Time" is connected through the official operator's page. Here it is necessary to pass authorization, look in the section "Shares" and find the corresponding item there. Then click on the desired line and select the "Connect" command. Enter the activation code in the window that appears (it will come to the mobile in the message) - and it's done.

Secondly, the bonus program is also connected using the USSD-request. To implement the method, type * 767 # and wait for the answer. Everything, nothing else is needed. This option is used most often. We became participants in the action "Happy Time" (Beeline). How to use bonuses? There are several solutions. Everyone is free to choose how to manage savings.

We spend on communication

For example, anyone has the right to spend their bonuses "Happy Time" on payment for communication services. In principle, this is quite an interesting solution. But it is not used very often. The service is valid for 30 days. After that you will have to re-activate the payment of bills bonuses. If you do not have enough money on the balance sheet, the balance will be written off in rubles.

How to activate this feature? A special request will help. Type on the phone combination * 789 # and press the call button. That's all. In response you will receive an alert that within 30 days you will pay the points accumulated by the program. But how to use "Happy time" "Beeline" by another method? Is there any such possibility?

Payment for purchases

Of course, yes. You can spend bonuses to pay for some purchases in the stores and stores "Beeline." True, not the whole amount can be paid for by points. And only 10%. In this case it is worth considering that 1 ruble = 1 bonus. By the way, this proposal is most often extended to the purchase of gadgets from Beeline, as well as equipment for connecting the Internet.

During the purchase, you must inform the employee of their intentions to use the accumulated bonuses. Name your phone number, then voice the number of points that you want to write off. The store employee will take all necessary actions to reduce the total cost of the equipment. Perhaps, the corporation "Beeline" "Happy Time" is most often spent on purchases in the salons.

Shares with partners

But there is no need to dwell on this either. After all, these methods are not the only ones that allow you to spend points "Happy Time" ("Beeline"). How to use bonuses differently?

This will help special partnership actions, which should be viewed on the official page of the carrier. You have every right to cover approximately 20% of the purchase price in a partner store. Only this is not a permanent opportunity. Rather, it is periodic. And you need to really track it. For example, quite recently, subscribers had the right to cover 20% of the purchase of bonuses in the stores "Know-How". Perhaps this is a very profitable, but rare, phenomenon.

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