How to disconnect the home phone of Rostelecom? Why do I need a landline phone?

Now we will try to figure out how to disconnect the home phone of Rostelecom. This is by no means the most difficult thing that can only be required from the company. Sometimes the connection itself brings more problems and inconveniences. All subscribers are offered several options for solving the problem. And everyone is able to decide for themselves which type of reception to choose. In addition to giving up services, it is worthwhile to talk about the connection of a landline phone. Maybe you should not turn it off at all.

What is it?

A home phone is not such a new service. This is the most common phone that you have at home. You can say a landline number that allows you to use the services of communication. It is very convenient if you constantly communicate. After all, sometimes mobile communication can be too expensive.

Tariffs of "Rostelecom" on home phone are various. And everyone is able to find a proposal that he will have to taste. You can connect or a per-minute charge, or simply a monthly fee. Something like a limit and no limit. It all depends on how often you communicate. By the way, home phone is convenient in cases of calls to city numbers with different companies. Do not have to pay very expensive, so even every minute.

Tariff selection

As it was already mentioned, Rostelecom tariffs on home phone are various. And they are all accessible to every client. Full information with the description of the offers can be found on the official page of the provider. They are extremely numerous and there is simply no need to list them now.

Before you turn off your home phone "Rostelecom", it is better to ask what offers the company has. Maybe what you have is now obsolete. And you can choose a more interesting and advantageous offer.

A bit specific about the tariff plans. There are limit offers and unlimited. More precisely, it all depends on your payment. You can pay subscriber fees or directly for minutes of conversation. The first option is in great demand. After all, the average cost of a month of fixed telephone service is about 350 rubles. For this price you will be able to talk indefinitely. More precise information about the offers is published on the official website of Rostelecom. It is constantly updated. And what was relevant yesterday, today can already get lost. Therefore, the web page should be viewed from time to time for new convenient and profitable offers.


At the company "Rostelecom" home phone payment is the most common utility payment. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for the services rendered. And it will contain all the information that only can touch a landline phone.

You can pay with different methods: how you used to pay for utility services or by using the official page of the provider. At the corporation "Rostelecom" home phone payment through the Internet is in great demand. True, not through the official page, but with the help of "Sberbank-Online" or some similar services.

About arrears

At the company "Rostelecom" the balance of the home phone can be checked in several ways. After all, it's about your debts. The first option is to call the company, give your home address and get information about the account. It is not very difficult, but subscribers are not too satisfied with this method.

The second approach is to look at the debt on the official website of Rostelecom with the help of the "Personal Cabinet". You will see the balance in the "Home phone" tab. This is the debt for a certain period of time (it is also indicated).

The last thing you can offer is just to look at the receipt of payment. There is also a balance sheet of Rostelecom (telephone). True, it will be labeled as "Debt" or "Debt." Without its repayment, you will either disconnect the services of your home phone (more precisely, suspend), or you will not be able to abandon this option yourself. Thus, before disconnecting the home phone of Rostelecom, it is better to take care that there is no debt for you. Otherwise, you can forget about the idea altogether.

Personal Waiver

Suppose we are convinced of the uselessness of the home phone in the apartment (actual for uncommunicative people and those who prefer a more mobile connection). Now you need to somehow give up this service. What is needed for this?

Apply for a trip. It's best to do it personally. Come to the office of the company and say that you want to refuse the services of the company "Rostelecom" (landline phone). You will need to complete the application. It is usually filled by an office worker. This is a kind of termination of the contract. You will be checked for arrears, after which they will inform you about the possibility / impossibility of giving up the services of a home phone. As a rule, bona fide clients do not experience any problems in this case.

If you have a debt, he will be asked to pay off. Do this, and then again contact the office for the termination of the contract for the provision of home phone services. Now you will receive an application. Sign the failure and wait for the result. Usually disconnect the phone immediately (within a few hours).

Electronic View

But recently this option is not very popular. Subscribers are trying to use the Internet more and more to connect and disconnect certain services of different communication companies. This also applies to Rostelecom.

You can turn off your home phone by using the corporation's website. There you must log in to the "Personal account". If you do not have another account, create one. How to disconnect the home phone of Rostelecom? You just need to go to the "Services" - "Home Phone" section. Opposite to the corresponding inscription you will see "Disconnect". Click on this function.

You will open a window with a huge number of rows. This is an application for disconnecting a landline phone. Fill in all fields (important and mandatory are marked with *). Do not forget to indicate your initials, as well as the address of the service. At the end of the process, click on "Confirm". A disconnect request has been sent. We are waiting for a response from the provider. Office staff will check your debt and, in the absence of her office, will send a letter informing you of the successful processing of the request. There will also be a time line for disconnecting the phone.

And whether it is necessary?

That only left one question. Do I need to connect to my fixed phone? Or is it better not to think about it at all? To be honest, everyone here decides on their own. Using a landline phone, you can connect yourself to the Internet. Therefore, you absolutely do not need to give up the service. The only exception is when the Internet is planned to be connected via a dedicated line.

In addition, a landline phone is useful when communicating with relatives, relatives and businesses. Mobile communication can be expensive, but home conversation - no. Especially if you have an unlimited tariff with a fixed monthly fee. Nevertheless, some are also using the usual mobile. In general, it's up to you. At any time, you can connect the services of a landline phone, and refuse them.

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