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Why do pains occur in the solar plexus?

What is the solar plexus? This is a set of nerve elements that are located outside the nervous system and form almost the largest node in the human body. It includes the celiac nodes and mesenteric, from which, like the rays of the sun, the nerves disperse. With their help, the organs and systems of the organism are connected with the central nervous system. And this is a very important factor. Therefore, if there are pains in the solar plexus area, it can talk about serious health problems.

In principle, the nerve node itself does not hurt . The fact is that the pain in the solar plexus area is reflected and often indicates a malfunction in other systems and organs. In fact, this problem almost always indicates that human health is in some danger. However, in some cases, this is because the body has received a strong poisoning, and without the help of a gastroenterologist, it will be difficult to manage. Therefore, a visit to a specialist should not be postponed. In some cases, such pain can be caused by excessive physical exertion and usually go away in a few days, and the situation is normalized.

I must say that very often irritations in the solar plexus can occur in those people who move little, prefer a sedentary lifestyle. Although, in some cases, too active way of life can lead to such problems - immense infatuation with physical loads. Very often, when such pains appear, a person tries to adopt a posture in which it is easier for him. That is, it begins to pull the legs to the abdomen or simply bend in the lower back. Whatever it was, but all these symptoms can not be left without attention, it is recommended not to postpone the visit to the doctors.

If it hurts in the region of the solar plexus, not for these "everyday" reasons, then inflammation in the genitals (in women), the descent of certain organs, the formation of postoperative adhesions, heart failure and intercostal neuralgia could lead to irritation.

As a rule, in almost all the cases listed above, the pain is burning, and its duration may be 2-7 hours. Sometimes the pain can be and in the form of attacks. Its hearth, as a rule, is located slightly above the navel. Although, in some cases, pain is given to the abdomen or back. Very often, there may be disturbances in the sensitivity of certain organs or skin in certain places. Sometimes such symptoms are also caused by bruises of the chest, and this can already serve as the beginning of a traumatic neuralgia. In such cases, when a person begins to catch a breath, a dull pain arises in the heart.

Whatever it was, but if there are pressing pains in the solar plexus area, or a person experiences a severe swelling of the abdomen and a feeling of heaviness, or he begins to feel that the body is inside from the inside, it also indicates that the body needs help .

If the pain in the solar plexus area is treated independently, without resorting to a doctor, this can lead to the appearance of a solar, that is, the disease of the solar node. In this case, the pain is acute and drilling, although it is not continuous and often has the nature of seizures.

Solaris is dangerous because if it goes into a neglected form, it can lead to damage to the nervous system. Patients with this diagnosis are prescribed therapeutic massages, balneotherapy and physiotherapy.

If there is pain in the area of the solar plexus, it is recommended to carry out a gentle massage of the appropriate zones in the back area. However, it should only be done if there is no acute pain or numbness. In addition, sessions are carried out only with reduced muscle tone, their duration should not exceed 20 minutes.

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