How to refill the phone from the phone. How to recharge your phone in other ways

Mobile communication allows us to always make ourselves known to relatives and friends, promptly contact the person we need, clarify any information or report something important. Without mobile phones, we feel limited in movement, and this happens when the balance becomes zero. Since this can happen when and wherever, it is necessary to know how you can deposit funds into your mobile account. About this and talk. We will discuss how to fill up the phone from the phone (noting different operators), and, of course, we will consider what other ways can be done.

We refill from the phone

How does money move between mobile accounts? It should be noted that this is done with the help of short USSD commands. A person who wants to share money must make a request, then confirm it. If you are looking to replenish the phone from the phone, remember: this commission is charged, so this method is the most expensive. But it's convenient, fast and relatively simple.


The company gives its subscribers the opportunity to ask someone to throw money into their account, or send payments themselves. For the first one the service "Add to my account" is responsible. The essence of it is to send a short message to the subscriber's number with the request to replenish the account. This is done through a combination of * 116 *, after which the subscriber number to which the transfer is to be sent should go. End the combination followed by a "grid" (#). It is noteworthy that you can send such a request not only within the MTS network.

If, on the contrary, you want to share money from your account, dial * 112 * phone number of the recipient of funds * the amount you would like to replenish. Maximum for one transfer in this way you can send up to 300 rubles. The cost of one such replenishment (meaning one commission) is 7 rubles. If the subscriber sets up a regular replenishment, this amount is debited once (for the first time).


The operator "Beeline" also has a simple answer to the question of how to refill the phone from the phone. You can do it on the company's website. It is enough to enter your number, as well as the number to which the payment will be sent. Of course, this is not free-from the subscriber-sender, a commission of 3 percent of the replenishment amount plus 10 rubles will be charged. Information on how to replenish the phone directly using short commands, "Beeline" does not provide.


Like MTS, Tele2 has a short dial-up combination for transferring funds directly. It looks like this: * 145 * phone number * the amount that the sender of funds wants to replenish. The cost of the service when sending money to another Tele2 subscriber's number is 5 rubles. If we talk about transferring to an "alien" operator, the commission increases to 5% of the payment and 5 rubles.

Again, after the introduction of the USSD combination on the sender's number, an SMS message will be sent. With his help you will need to confirm your intention to send money to another subscriber.


This operator allows you to send money to another number using a different mechanism. To do this, send a message to 3116 containing the number of the beneficiary and the amount to be written off. Experiencing that the money will be detained, it is not necessary - they are credited a couple of minutes after sending the message. Before you replenish the phone from the phone "Megaphone", consider the maximum amount - 500 rubles for one payment.

Nothing is reported about the commission on the operator's website.

Top up with a credit card

Sending money from the phone to another phone is certainly convenient, but not very profitable. It is advisable to apply it in those cases if you do not have access to the Internet or payment terminals. If you have access to the network, you can make a replenishment card. On how to fill up the phone with the card, is told on the pages of operators. More precisely, companies have provided such an opportunity directly on their sites. To transfer money from Visa or MasterCard to your account, just enter the card details and wait a bit.

How to fill up the phone with a card from each individual operator, everyone will understand, so we will not dwell on this. The main thing is to have all the card data (number, validity period and CVV-code). There is nothing complicated here.

Recharge PayPal

Another actual way of entering funds into a mobile account is electronic currencies and various payment systems. A vivid example of this is PayPal, the world's most popular service for sending and receiving payments. Instructions on how to replenish the phone with PayPal, practically does not exist, as there are no direct transfers in such directions. Given that the "Stick" is tied to the card, we can say that with the same card you can replenish your mobile way, which is listed above. An alternative is to use special services that exchange all currencies (so-called exchangers).

Replenishment through "Yandex"

A more convenient payment system in terms of replenishing the mobile account is Yandex.Money. How to replenish through the "Yandex" phone, you can easily figure out by going into the personal account of the service. There is a direct form through which you can, without intermediaries, make a transfer. As indicated in the information on the refill page, the system does not charge the commission for this operation.

Replenishment with Qiwi

The analogue of "Yandex" from the point of view of replenishing the mobile can be called another payment system - Qiwi. Here everything is so simple that when you go into the office, you will quickly understand how to refill the phone. "Kiwi-purse" is a service, one of the main tasks of which is just payment of utility bills, transfer of funds between users, replenishment of mobile. Therefore, if you have a purse in this system, do not be lazy to understand how it is arranged - working conditions here are quite profitable. This confirms the popularity of this resource.

Other services

And, of course, it should be noted that in addition to the above, there are other sites on which you can replenish your mobile account. This is the system Webmoney, and "Messenger", and other payment systems. In them, replenishment of the phone is one of the main functional areas, the main task, due to which the client creates the most comfortable and acceptable working conditions.

In addition to payment systems, small services should also be mentioned, functioning on the principle of exchange offices. They offer the user to deposit a certain amount of money in one currency in order to receive these funds on a mobile account. True, such sites can make a small commission. To find out where you will exchange is more profitable, you just need to compare the conditions.

How to save money?

Another important factor worth mentioning is the payment system in which you receive income.

Let's give a simple example: if Yandex.Money does not withdraw the commission, then you have to make some money to replenish the account in this system. If you receive a salary, say, a Visa card, then you do not have any reason to interact with the nuclear medicine, as this will entail charging the commission. If you are a freelancer, you are paid for the purse "Yandex.Money", then everything is fine, you can without any limits replenish the accounts of your relatives and friends with the greatest benefit. The same applies to other currencies and payment systems.

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