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Eva Curie: biography, family, creativity

Eva Curie entered the world history as a talented writer and journalist. Nevertheless, the girl's talent was not limited to a pen. Eva, among other things, was an excellent pianist, a delightful music critic and an active public figure. Do you want to know more about the life and work of this writer? Grace, please read this article!

Eva Curie. Biography: the beginning

The future writer was born on December 6, 1904 in France, in Paris. Father Pierre Curie and mother Marie Curie were known to the whole world by scientists. Also, Eve had an older sister named Irene. The future writer did not know her father. The fact is that he died as a result of an accident: Pierre Curie fell under a horse-drawn carriage. Then Eve was only two years old. After the incident, Mary and her daughters were assisted by a father-in-law named Eugene Curie. Nevertheless, he soon died (in 1910). Thus, Maria Curie herself brought up her daughters.

The daughters of Marie Curie, although they were full-fledged citizens of France, had Polish roots and knew the Polish language. In 1911 the family visited Poland. The purpose of the visit was to visit the sister of Maria Bronislava, who was in a sanatorium. In Poland, the Curie family made regular horseback riding and hiking in the mountains. This strengthened the relationship between Mary and Eve, who believed that the mother did not give her enough attention. In 1921, when Eve was only 16 years old, she made her first trip overseas. Together with her mother, Eve went to New York. Maria, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, was met there with open arms.


When the Curie family returned from the journey, Eve, like her sister, went to the College of Sevinya, which is located in Paris. The girl received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and science in 1925. In parallel with her studies, Eva tried to master the piano. And the girl did a great musical success in the musical plan. Already in 1925 she gave her first concert. Later, Eve spent a whole tour around Paris and the suburbs. When Iren married, Eve remained to live with her mother. Together they traveled to various countries of Europe. The Curie family visited Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, etc.

"Madame Curie"

Eva, unlike her mother, had little interest in the natural sciences. She was more attracted to humanitarian subjects and social life. After the death of her mother, in 1934, Eve decides to write her biography. To do this, she moves to the tiny Parisian town of Auteuil, where she begins to write her book. As additional sources of information, Eva uses documents and letters that were left by her mother. And in 1935 the girl goes to Poland, in order to learn more about the childhood of Mary Curie. And in 1937 a biography was published under the title "Madame Curie". In her, Eve portrayed her mother as a strong, unrestrained personality. The girl considered Mary not only as a scientist, but also as an ordinary person, who had many difficulties.

The book made a real sensation and impressed the world literary community. Already in 1937, Eva Curie received the award "Neshnl Buk Arvard." Moreover, the work was so popular that already in 1943 the book was filmed.

However, the work was not ignored and critics. Many literary critics reproached Eve for hagiographical approach. About some moments from the biography of the mother, the writer chose not to mention. For example, the book does not describe the moment when, after Pierre's death, Maria had an affair with her former student, her husband, Paul Langevel, who later became a famous physicist. In addition to the biography of her own mother, Eva Curie actively published her musical reviews, articles about cinema, theater, etc.

The War Begins

After the outbreak of World War II, Eva was appointed head of the women's information gathering unit. After Germany attacked France, the girl had to leave Paris. She left the city and fled with other refugees to England. There she joined the current "Free France", which was headed by General Charles de Gaulle. For this, Eve was deprived of French citizenship, and her property was confiscated.

Most of the war, Eve was in the UK. There she was quite active in public activities. For example, she met with Winston Churchill, visited troops in Scotland and the US, where she gave lectures. In addition, Eva wrote articles for American magazines and newspapers. In 1940, the girl attended a reception in the White House. Under the impression of the visit, Eve conducted a number of public speeches on the theme "French women and war".

During 1941-1942 was a military correspondent in the USSR, Asia and Africa. During this time, she witnessed brutal and bloody battles. In addition, the girl met with famous military figures, generals. Eva's travel reports were published in the American publishing house, and in 1943 they were collected in a book called "Journey among the military". Thanks to this work, Eva Curie was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Postwar time

After the war, Eve returned to Paris. There she worked in a local publishing house and actively participated in the political life of the country. For example, in the government of Charles de Gaulle, she dealt with the affairs of women. And in 1948, Eve, along with other like-minded people, supported the creation of the State of Israel.

During the years 1952-1954 the girl works as a special advisor to the NATO Secretary General. In 1954, Eva Curie marries an American politician and diplomat named Henry Labouass, who will later become US ambassador to Greece. In 1958, she obtained the citizenship of the United States of America.

last years of life

In 1987, after the death of her husband, Eve lived in New York. They had no children with their spouses, but Curie regularly visited the daughter of Labouass from her first marriage.

In 2004, Eva celebrated her centenary. Congratulatory letters were sent by the Presidents of France and the United States. In 2005, Eva was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor. The writer died in 2007, at the age of 102, while in her residence.

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