Annual chrysanthemum: description and care

The "golden flower" was called the ancient Greeks chrysanthemum. And they had their reasons. These flowers like the sun open their heads in the autumn months, filling the garden with its specific flavor. According to the Eastern ancient wisdom, those who grow them are happy and live long.

general information

From the second half of July, and in some regions closer to September, many people on private plots and flowerbeds in the gardens can see different varieties of this flower. Most growers prefer to choose chrysanthemums, annual, the cultivation of which is not difficult, in addition, they have excellent decorative properties and relative unpretentiousness. Of course, outwardly they are slightly inferior to perennial varieties, but do not require complex and time-consuming care.

The annual chrysanthemum is part of the family of Compositae. The genus includes more than forty species of these herbaceous plants. It is believed that the annual chrysanthemum came to us from the Mediterranean. It is unlikely that there will be a person who will remain indifferent to the beauty of this flower. Most often in our gardens there is a chrysanthemum, the annual Kilevataya. Although other varieties are quite common in some regions, for example, Sowing, Crowned and other varieties. Their bright cheerful inflorescences, gathered in simple and semi-double baskets, decorate the flower gardens, starting from the middle of June and until the middle of October.


Almost every person who was born in the Soviet era, this plant recalls childhood memories. After all, the first thing we saw at the dacha or in the village of my grandfather and grandmother was the one-year-old chrysanthemum. Photos of this flower are presented in this article. This culture is relatively undemanding to the growing conditions. Chrysanthemum rhizomes branched, they develop parallel to the surface. Shoots are both bare and pubescent.

The annual chrysanthemum has leaves that are located one after the other. They are simple, but different in form and size. The plant may have notched or jagged, dissected leaves, may even not be present at all. The color of the green is usually light, although it may be dark in some varieties. Small chrysanthemum flowers are collected in a basket. Sometimes it can be quite large. The fruits of chrysanthemum are achenes.

This plant begins to blossom somewhere in the middle of June for two months. Depending on the region, this period may vary. Thanks to the abundant and very long flowering, the annual chrysanthemum is used with great success in landscape design. It is beautiful in the factory and prefabricated flower gardens, it is often planted in large groups against the background of the lawn. Annual chrysanthemum is suitable for cutting, as it can stand in water for a long time.


In our country the most common are several ornamental species. Most often in the gardens there is one-year-old chrysanthemum Vidnaya. Its bushes have a height of about fifty centimeters. Foliage elegant arranging, inflorescence large (5-6 cm), double, with pronounced convex flower pediment. The plant blossoms very long. Particularly good chrysanthemum is visible in the cut, so it is called "bouquet".

Another species - Sowing - has heavily forked bushes strewn with large lemon flowers with a contrasting dark brown core. Seeds of chrysanthemum The navicular gave the name to this species. They are like a ship with a keel, because the brand is also called Kilevatoy. The inflorescences of this chrysanthemum are very colorful, the flat dark reddish-brown disk of it is surrounded by ligulate petals with multi-colored rings: white, red, pink, burgundy, yellow, brown, orange. Variations are so many that it is impossible to find two bush with the same coloring.


The plant prefers fertile and well drained soil. It easily binds seeds, and for some varieties there is abundant samosev. A young one-year-old chrysanthemum grows fast enough. This flower is undemanding to care, cold and tolerates weak frosts. He loves a sunny location in the garden.

One-year-old chrysanthemum is a drought-resistant plant that does not tolerate excess moisture. To plant in time bloomed and pleased until late autumn, it should be planted in sunny open areas. If the place is shaded, then the annual chrysanthemum will stretch, and the color of the buds will be very dull, and the bloom will not last long. He does not like plants and cold winds.

Soil preparation

Chrysanthemums prefer medium-heavy, loamy and moisture-absorbing soil with high-quality drainage, rich in micronutrients. Categorically it is not recommended to grow them in acidic soil, because the flower on it feels very bad. On the normal growth of chrysanthemum negatively affected and non-overgrown manure.

Before planting in the soil, two buckets of humus, superphosphate and calimagnesium should be added at a rate of fifty grams per square meter. Then the place should be dug to a depth of about two bayonets of the shovel, after that, plant the culture and water it abundantly.


The plant is able to develop practically on any garden soils, although it prefers a fertile, limed soil without excess organic compounds. Best of all, chrysanthemum, one-year-old grows on loam. The plant for seedlings sow in April, dipping into pots. Landing material in the soil is transferred in mid-May. Seedlings are sown at a distance of twenty to thirty centimeters from each other.

Planting material is sown only after warming the soil with the sun, in the prepared grooves. Then they are covered with peat two to three centimeters thick and well watered. After the first pair of true leaves is formed, the shoots should be thinned out.

Peculiarities of growing

For a lush growth of annual chrysanthemum, timely and high-quality watering is needed. The flower also needs a periodic loosening of the soil with the elimination of all the weeds. After planting, the soil around it should be better covered up: this helps to maintain the moisture at the roots.

Like any other flower culture, an annual chrysanthemum requires periodic fattening. The main thing when applying fertilizers - it is necessary to water under the root, so as not to burn the leaf part.

Chrysanthemum annual: growing from seeds

In the central zone of our country this culture is grown both by sowing in the soil and by seedlings. Seeds of all varieties of annual chrysanthemums are sown in March or April in a greenhouse in the compost land with the addition of peat and sand. Seed material is sprinkled with sheet ground, pressed lightly, and then poured quite abundantly. When growing seeds, seedlings must be thinned out.

Other mandatory conditions for normal growth are regular watering and airing the greenhouse. The latter procedure is extremely important, as the annual chrysanthemum grows very quickly, so at high temperatures it can grow, and in this case the seedling will turn out to be inadequate. As a result, you should get a squat plant with well-developed roots.

Seedlings of annual varieties are best placed in the open ground only in May. Blooming chrysanthemum is a real garden decoration in the fall. This bright gift of nature, which has a wormwood tart flavor, as if sent to extend the summer days.

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