Hair falls out in children: possible causes, prevention and treatment

Why does the child get hair? This occurs as a result of damage to the follicles, as in adults, which is quite a natural process. However, in some cases, there is an increased hair loss. Such cases can signal violations in the body and the appearance of serious health problems. That is why, when hair falls out in children, it is important to immediately identify the causes of the phenomenon and take appropriate measures.

Hair loss in infants

For the first time, parents have to face the problem in the infancy of their children. The main part of the day the infant is in a lying position. Intensive friction of the skin on all kinds of surfaces with head turns leads to the formation of bald patches and bald patches. Soft cotton hair slides into lumps and falls out in a natural way.

If the hair falls out in children at this age, parents should not worry, linking such manifestations with serious diseases, provided that the overall health of the baby is normal. Pretty soon, the old "fluff", which came off the head of the child, is restored in the form of coarser hair.

Hair loss in preschool children

The next period of active hair loss in toddlers is 5-6 years old. At this time in the child's organism there are active hormonal transformations, during which soft, thin hairs are replaced by more rigid "adults".

This process takes place in some children completely unnoticed by the parents. Hair fall out gradually. In their place, others quickly arise. If a child's hair falls out strongly during a given period, it is likely that the reason for this is that they are entangled in lumps. Therefore, in order to avoid such manifestations, parents should provide the baby with a thorough care.

Hair loss in children 6-8 years old

The loss of hair by children at this age is a separate conversation. During this period, children have to adapt to school, adult rules, increased physical and mental stress. Being in constant stress often causes copious loss of hair.

The main cause of hair loss at this age is excessive tonus and overstrain of the tissues, as a result of which hair follicles are squeezed and, accordingly, irregularities with full nutrition of growing hairs. However, sometimes to remove profuse baldness requires qualified medical care. Next, consider what to do if a child has hair falling out, the reasons for such manifestations.

What should not be done to eliminate baldness in a child?

There are a number of common methods that parents resort to, trying to improve the condition of their children's hair. However, most of them do not make any sense. Let's consider what should not be done if the hair falls out in children:

  1. Cut the child nalyso. Each kid gradually forms an idea of his own appearance. Repeated haircutting nalyso in order to improve the condition of the hair after periods of wearing long curls does not lead to anything positive. Such actions cause in children only discomfort, especially in girls.
  2. Application of tar, oils and plant extracts. Regular application of the latter to sensitive baby skin not only does little good, but can also cause chemical burns. The vast majority of medicinal oils and extracts are forbidden to apply for the care of children's hair. Some of them cause allergic reactions.
  3. Application of medicinal cosmetic preparations. Hair falls out in children and adults for various reasons. On this basis, certain therapeutic agents should be used only on the basis of the true etiology of the disease.


It acts as one of the most common causes of copious loss of hair by babies. At the root of the problem is a fungal infection that affects healthy follicles.

On the head of children who suffer from ringworm, there are characteristic bald spots with broken and dropped hair. These areas have an oval or round shape.

The optimal solution for identifying the disease is visiting a qualified specialist, taking a scraping of the skin and examining the sample under a microscope.

Eradicate ringworm allows the use of appropriate antifungal agents. In addition, special shampoos are used to restore the hair.

Alopecia areata

As in the previous case, the manifestation here is the formation on the skin of bald patches of rounded shape. The latter have no signs of inflammation and act absolutely smooth. Moreover, extensive affected areas can appear within 24 hours.

The reason for the development of alopecia are considered to be a decrease in immunity. As practice shows, the majority of bald spots with qualitative treatment are covered with hair for several months. Unfortunately, until now there is no single drug that can eliminate alopecia areata. The only correct solution here is the right, balanced diet, intake of vitamin complexes.

Injury of hair follicles

This is another common problem, because of which the child's hair falls out. The causes of this phenomenon lie in the excessive tension of the hair. Regular weaving tight braids, all kinds of tails - all this leads to injuries to the hair shafts.

Often, children themselves do themselves harm, suffering the so-called trichotillomania, which is expressed by the habit of pulling out their own hair. Most often, such a diagnosis is obvious for the parents themselves, since it is not difficult to trace such actions. The problem is solved by behavioral therapy, the use of relaxing psychological techniques.

At the child hair fall out - what to do or make?

To solve the problem, first it is necessary to identify its real cause. Parents should contact the pediatrician, conduct appropriate examinations, and make tests. In general, the following measures can help improve the situation:

  1. Proper hair care. Acquire exclusively hypoallergenic shampoos, funds on a natural basis. To keep the baby's hair in good condition, enough washing your head several times a week.
  2. Nutrition - a child should consume an abundant amount of food saturated with vitamins and trace elements necessary for hair growth. In the diet must necessarily include fruits and vegetables, berries, dairy products, meat and fish, cereals, legumes.
  3. Mental state of the baby. As mentioned above, if a child has hair that falls out of the month, the number of which does not correspond to the concept of a norm, this can be caused by a deterioration in the moral condition. To avoid such manifestations, it is worth spending more time with the baby, surrounding him with attention and care. In extreme cases, you can seek help from a child psychologist.
  4. The use of traditional medicine is a good solution for the restoration of lost hair. Effective means here are: kefir, chamomile broth, almond oil. However, healing masks should be kept on the child's head for no more than 20 minutes, carefully watching the skin reaction. Otherwise, redness and allergic reactions may occur.


As can be seen, in most cases, the causes of hair loss in infants are completely harmless. Therefore, in order to avoid harm to the health of one's own child, first of all it is worth contacting a specialist. In fact, it is better to be reinsured once again. After all, hair loss is often a consequence of the development of serious diseases.

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