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Compatibility by eye color: what is it?

Wise people say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Proceeding from this statement, it becomes clear that the eyes - this is the main structural part of our body, which gives the most complete information about all internal psychological and emotional features.

Many psychologists, trying to determine the prospects for the development of relations between people, one of the main factors determine the compatibility of eye color. How this can be done, now try to tell.

So, people with green eyes, as a rule, know what they want, and confidently go to the goal. Character and mood are highly variable: they are merry, sad, or thoughtful. Enough complaisant, allow others to lead themselves, but only up to a certain point. If you overtake a stick in "domination" over them, they can get tough revenge and quickly let you know what not to do. The element of these personalities is water.

The brown-eyed man is impulsive and emotional. They often cause a conflict, they are sure of their rightness, they are straightforward. Envious, inclined to intrigue. But if a person needs their help, they unconditionally and quickly render it using all their possibilities.

Compatibility with eye color is difficult to determine, because in some people the eye color is fuzzy, faded, fuzzy. And there are exceptions everywhere. As a rule, classical cases are described.

Blue-eyed representatives are subject to the air element: romantic, sentimental, unstable in a relationship, entirely dependent on their mood.

People with gray eyes are representatives of the earthly element: they are leisurely, calm, easy to communicate. Equilibrated, but if they get out of themselves, no one will get better.

Compatibility of people by the color of the eye is as follows:

  1. Green-eyed - green-eyed (water element - water element). This union represents a tandem of mutual understanding and support from both partners. Relationships will be built on trust and love. However, a long-term alliance is fraught with the fact that partners are simply bored with each other. Feelings can be dull, so they need to be constantly refreshed. Another scourge of this relationship is jealousy: if it is too much, there will be constant battle and controversy between people. And, here, as in the war, all means will be good.
  2. The compatibility of eye color between green eyes and brown-eyed partners is defined as initially incredible, but as a result, strong and durable. Fire (brown eyes) warms up water: pushes to action of the partner. The relationship will be led by water. If the fire tries to take the dominant position, the union will disintegrate.
  3. Green-eyed - blue-eyed (water element - air element) - union is almost impossible. Constant disputes, bickering, but also a mutually beneficial communication. You can get a lot from communication, but you rarely need to meet, but make the most of it.
  4. Green-eyed - gray-eyed (water element - earth verses). Compatibility of eye colors in this case is very promising. But only if the leader is a gray-eyed partner. He will be both support and support, will help achieve a green-eyed lot in life.
  5. Brown-eyed, brown-eyed. Compatibility with eye color in this case is very ambiguous: understanding at the highest level, but mutual coexistence is problematic. Relationships, as a rule, are just friendly. If you have a common opponent, you can unite against him. If you fight with each other, you two die together.
  6. Brown-eyed - blue-eyed (fire element - air element) The union is emotional and active. Partners constantly warm up the relationship with arguments and shakes. The most important thing is not to bend the stick (the brown-eyed woman started it here).
  7. Brown-eyed - gray-eyed (fire-earth). Relations are equal, there is no leader. It is good tandem in work. In your personal life, seek mutual respect.
  8. Blue-eyed - blue-eyed. Relations are positive, the union is strong and favorable, especially if the interests of the partners coincide.
  9. Blue-eyed - gray-eyed (air-ground). The points of contact are few, the union is unpromising. If the gray-eyed man dominates, the blue-eyed partner will leave and not prove his point of view.
  10. Gray-eyed, gray-eyed. Relationships are built on benefits, they completely lack romance. Luck will accompany only if there is an equal contribution to your union, mutual respect.

It should be noted again that compatibility according to eye color is made on the basis of astrological coincidences and centuries-old observations. But this is not a guide to action! Your happiness entirely depends on you!

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