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Impulsive person. What kind is he?

Impulsivity is the ability to make quick and spontaneous decisions without taking into account the negative consequences. This character trait is the result of self-confident categorical and impatient. The impulsive person is guided more often by feelings and emotions, rather than by reason. This set of qualities gives rise to unconscious tactlessness and rudeness, sharpness and quick temper.

This behavior complicates the relationship of the individual with the people around him - close, friends, colleagues at work. An impulsive person can burn too much of his own psychophysical energy at the expense of an excessive emotional outburst, after which he experiences weakness and fatigue.

This feature of nature is possessed by people who are energetic, explosive. They are told about what they do first, and then they think. An impulsive person is usually a bad companion. Asked, he does not listen to the answer. His thoughts jump from one object to another. He may be unnecessarily talkative, but he does not care much whether his interlocutor is listening or not.

A classic example of such an impulsive character is the hero of Gogol's poem Dead Souls, the landowner Nozdrev. This literary character never thought about his actions. And if a thought flashed in his brain, he immediately began to act, not at all in accordance with human logic. He often became the initiator of fights and conflicts, he could lose himself in the dust and never made correct conclusions from his actions.
The most often unmotivated impulsiveness is enjoyed by children and adolescents. Most of them with age acquire the ability to analyze their actions, to the logic of actions. But some people remain addicted to such behavior for life. The impulsive person is often eccentric, that is, inclined to strange, unusual behavior.

Impulsiveness of actions can be provoked by stress or some unusual situation. It is under the influence of such events that an impulsive reaction can flare up even in people quite adequate and reasonable in a calm and familiar environment. Quite often, and such situations where nervous tension accumulates for a long time, fueled by jealousy, anger, anguish, envy and other circumstances, to one day splash out flash of impulsive actions. Under the influence of the latter crimes are committed, while the culprit himself is not always able to explain why he committed this act.

But if such a reaction is of a casual one-off nature, then impulsive behavior is the norm of life for such an individual. This behavior is often a consequence of emotional and mental instability, the lack of adequate reactions, which managed to move into the usual form. Impulsiveness and inadequacy of actions can be affected by the state of intoxication. Often impulsive actions are made because of the desire of the individual to assert themselves, providing superiority over others, or simply because of the desire to throw out accumulated negative emotions.

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