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How to develop memory?

Memory helps us to reproduce once-perceived information in situations where it is especially necessary for us. It is believed that memory develops to about 25 years, then a stable period is observed, and from 50 years it gradually begins to fade. However, with a constant mental work, sober memory will remain until old age. At the same time, it can be further improved. So, how to develop memory and stimulate mental processes?

For each of us, it is developed in different degrees: someone to remember information, you need to hear it or see it only once, and someone will need some time for this. Therefore, people often wonder how to improve their memory.

There are a lot of ways of its development. Even the ancient Greeks derived a mnemonic method that helps memorize the names of objects with the help of associations. They believed that for better memorization, the concept must be filled with feelings. Remember how we learned to remember the colors of the rainbow with the help of a phrase in which, in essence, the hunter and pheasant had a very relative attitude to the rainbow itself. However, inventing such short stories and even fairy tales is a very effective way to memorize rather complicated phenomena, concepts and laws.

One of the popular methods today, helping to find the answer to the question of how to develop memory, is the "mental maps" developed by Tony Buzen. It is necessary to involve thinking, imagination and colors. To create a map, the information should be written on a sheet of paper in the form of a sun circle with divergent rays, which detail the basic information placed in a circle. So you can successfully make plans that are quickly remembered and held in your head.

To quickly memorize complex information, reformulate it in your own words and, preferably, speak it out loud. So you will remember everything much faster and longer.

In solving the problem of how to improve memory, exercise is one of the most effective ways.

  • Conveniently sit in a chair, put your hands on your knees and tie your fingers in the lock, leaving them large free. Start rotating them around each other so that they do not come in contact. Perform the exercise for 5-15 minutes. It develops concentration and attention.
  • The next exercise will require you to set the alarm for 10 minutes ahead. Sit back, relax your muscles and focus on some subject of the situation. When you feel that thoughts are distracted from this object, return them to it by effort of will, but do it very gently and smoothly, with sharp shaking of your head, etc.

It is important to know that in order to successfully answer the question of how to develop memory, one must constantly develop creatively. To do this, try to explore periodically new activities. To train memory it is good to periodically perform such exercises.

  • Write 20 words to remember (for example, in a foreign language). Read them, picking up everyone a visual image-association. Reproduce everything that is remembered. If you have difficulty the first time, repeat the exercise first.
  • Spread 5-10 dominoes in front of you, look at them not for 10 seconds, close your eyes, and, reproducing the picture mentally, name the sum of the points.

In the human body, you can practically practice everything, the main thing is to know how. You can develop memory even without exercise, if you make the necessary adjustments to your diet. Nutrients contained in food can influence mental activity and memory status. To do this, you need to consume a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, which tone up mental activity. Useful products in this sense are tea and coffee, cereals, meat, nuts, beans, vegetables, brewer's yeast.

Combine ways, use exercises and you will feel, how all will work.

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