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Anastasia Ivanova, actress of the series "Univer"

Fans of the series "Univer" recently became interested in a young actress, who received the role of a new character. Biography of the actress Anastasia Ivanova, who played the role of a new neighbor in the hostel, was interesting to many viewers of the TNT channel. Charming young girl immediately won the hearts of her charm, charisma, sexual attraction. Anastasia Ivanova - actress, dancer and just a beautiful girl - quickly gained popularity among young people.

Childhood and the Youth of the Artist

Anastasia Semenovna Ivanova is an actress, talented in many ways. In the institute for the faculty of directing and acting, the girl entered easily, and in advance she did not plan to choose this life path, and the receipt came out spontaneously.

Anastasia was born and grew up in Volgograd, in an ordinary family, where her father worked as a football coach, and her mother as a specialist in the city administration. The family had three children, all girls. The elder was Anastasia, then the twin sisters-Julia and Katya were born. The atmosphere in the house always reigned benevolent, the parents supported the beginnings of the girls, especially since Nastya was eager to go in for sports and take an example from her father.

Since childhood, she began to dance, reached certain heights in her hobby. Constant trainings, participation in serious international competitions in different countries, led Anastasia to a professional level of skill. The girl went to competitions in many cities of Russia, visited England, Italy. Her further life, she linked only with the professional pursuit of sports and ballroom dancing.

Adjustments to life plans

To enter the institute Anastasia decided for further study in the sports field, continuing to engage in dancing. Speaking with her partner, she suddenly realized that behind her back the young man was spinning some intrigues so that Nastya could not study at the free department. Giving all the strength and getting a betrayal in return, the girl was very angry. In a fit of emotion, she decided to prove to the whole world that she can excel in any sphere, not only in sports and dance, and submitted documents to the Volgograd State Institute of Culture and Arts for the acting department. There just acted her classmates, and Nastya went for a company with them.

Really talented and strong-willed person, Anastasia carefully prepared for admission, was engaged and passed the competition the first time. Home supported it. You want to be an actress - well, go ahead, girl! So began her career Anastasia Ivanova - an actress of Russian cinema.

Professional achievements in the profession

After graduating from the institute, Anastasia began acting in films, serials. The first small roles in the series "The Track", the mystical film "The Fortuneteller", the film work "The Fifth Guard", the psychological project "To Understand and Forgive" allowed Nastya to try herself as an actress. I liked the work of the girl, she passed new tests and got a role in the TV series "The Housekeeper", which brought Nastya more or less good recognizability.

The most famous role

To date, Anastasia Ivanova (actress) flashes on the pages of the press and popular sites as a performer of the role of Julia Semakina in the TV series "Univer". This work brought her real success, the actress immediately took a position an order of magnitude higher than the previous one in her career. The series is very popular among young people, and the image of the sexy new neighbor, who appeared among the characters, provided Nastia with a significant takeoff.

The heroine and the actress are different people

Anastasia loves her heroine, understands, enjoys playing on the set, but to say that Julia Semakina is not an exact copy of the actress. The frivolous behavior, which the character allows himself, does not fit in any way with the usual image of Nastya herself. She even had to learn to get used to the different things that her heroine threw out in the script. But the ability to dance, good plastic Nastia came in handy on the set as well as possible. In one of the series, Julia danced at the pole, that's where the dancing skills of the girl came in handy, the scene was shot "perfectly".

In everyday life, Nastia is a cheerful and simple girl who prefers to spend time with benefit for herself, for example, doing fitness or yoga, and sometimes cleaning her house replaces her sports activities. "It is good to wash the floors, change the curtains, bring chic and shine into the house - these are also physical activities that help the body to be in shape, and the soul - in peace," - says Anastasia Ivanova, an actress from Univer.

Housing in Moscow, the girl takes pictures herself. The first time in the capital was difficult - the fuss, the frantic pace of life and some loneliness in the evenings, when nobody in the rented apartment waits. But now the girl gets used to her new interesting life, finds new friends, conquering her place in the sun.

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