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Popular cartoons about angels

Parents have always scrupulously selected cartoons for their children. After all, the right choice allows you to prevent emotional and psychological problems that arise when watching TV. One of the safest masterpieces are cartoons about angels.

List of cartoons

Plots in which there are such heroes as angels and demons, play an important role in the life of almost every child. This is due to the fact that the heroes of the stories have super powers, artifacts and a great emotional mood. They are able to cheer up and for a while move away from the real world.

Cartoons about angels and demons play a dominant role, as a rule, in girls from 7 to 10 years. During this period the child actively learns to communicate, love and perceive the world as he really is. Here are some of the popular:

  1. "The smallest angel." A story for preschoolers, which tells how the guardian angel should learn and work a lot to get big wings.
  2. In 2010, a German-Malaysian product entitled "Angels of Magic" was published. The plot is twisted around the child, who happened to get acquainted with girlfriends, always engaged in the search for adventure.
  3. Cartoons about angels and demons are known to everyone, but the most popular was the painting "Friends of the Angels." Here in the Golden School, representatives of warring parties are trained to get the right to be in the proper commands of custodians and tempers. There is also a continuation titled "Between Dream and Reality".

Girls Idols

The above-mentioned cartoons - "Angels of Magic" and "The Littleest Angel" - are very simple and more suitable for a child who still goes to kindergarten. The story of the Golden School has a good plot with lines of friendship, love and enmity. Training in this institution is reduced to the fact that a certain group of students is broken up into pairs and attached to one person. All this is done in order to get him to take their position.

After a certain period of time, one common enemy appears, and the disciples have no other choice but to unite and confront.

A similar story is told in The Fairy Winx. New cartoons about angels attract attention, as they talk about romantic relationships and friendship.

The most interesting plot for children is the one in which magic abilities are supposed: wings, magic, protection, invisibility. Talismans - a separate topic, because with their help you can get home from an unknown place, turn into a monster, a person.

What can parents face?

The only problem for parents can only become fan products, to which children are so indifferent: backpacks, bags, posters, notebooks, notebooks and more.

You do not have to worry about it. It is necessary to watch cartoons about angels with the child. First, an adult may also want to buy some stuff, and secondly, it will help to get close to the baby and have many topics for discussion.

Wars of the Angels

One of the best themes for fantasy is the confrontation of angels and demons. Directors and screenwriters are happy to take on the writing of stories, because in this case it is easy to come up with notable turns of events. Now there are more than 1000 different paintings.

"Wars of the angels: messengers" - an interesting and, most importantly, an unusual look at the old and worn-out topic. A cartoon about angels (all series in a row available on the Internet) shows how they fight in the open sky with demons, freeing the world from evil and dark creatures.

It was decided to split the film into several parts, each of which unfolds a separate story. All of them teach the child to do the right thing in life, taking the necessary decisions, and cope with moral and ethical problems.

We can say that this cartoon about angels reminds something of such films as "Star Wars" and "Space Rangers". The writers and directors decided to focus on adventures and battles, in which, of course, good characters win. Graphics are similar to Soviet drawing cartoons. For example, the cosmos bewitches with its appearance: a realistic nebula, a galaxy, a starry sky. Such pictures will not leave indifferent neither children, nor adults.

"Idiots and angels"

The cartoon is designed for the age category 16+. History shows the protagonist, who sold weapons, was a rude and bad person. At some point, he notices that he has angelic wings. Fortunately, in his character, negative features began to be replaced by good ones. For a short period of time, despite his resistance, he turns from an unpleasant person into a good person.

Young children to watch such cartoons about angels (all series) is undesirable. At best, they will not understand them, and at worst they will misunderstand.

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