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Brain slugs: a description, history and interesting facts

The theme of aliens who are able to control a person, is of some interest. It is used in literature and cinema. The creators of the popular parody animated series "Futurama" also touched upon this topic. They wrote in their series the story of aliens living on their own planet and seeking to capture humanity to feed on their brain waves.

Understand what brain slugs are, it is difficult, because they appear only in two episodes of the series. That's why you need some explanation about their life and aspirations.


Alien creatures, known to everyone as brain slugs, have a small size, they are slightly larger than a tennis ball. Their body is translucent with a green fluorescent hue. On the body is one eye.

Impact on the victim

Brain slugs lead a parasitic lifestyle. They feed mainly on brain delta waves. Therefore they try to settle on the human head. Feeding on brain waves, they also completely control their prey.

How to recognize when the brain slug attacked a person? First of all, the victim begins to talk in a monotonous voice, calling himself in the third person. Another sign that it is difficult not to notice is the presence of the slug on the head.

You can fight the green slug. To do this, just remove it from the victim's head. After this, the person returns to his normal state, and the alien parasite falls to the floor, while experiencing discomfort.

In order to spread representatives of their species, brain slugs try to do everything possible to get the minds of the maximum number of people. They even managed to make sure that their victims organized a political party. Its main task was to transfer money to the planet of Brain Slugs. Also in the list of their programs is the universal infection of all mankind.

In the series "Futurama" green parasites were found in two episodes.

The plot "Head in Elections"

The episode was released in the second season of the animated series "Futurama". The brain slug (the third series) took possession of Hermes' head. According to the plot, presidential elections began on the Earth, in which two candidate clones participated.

At the same time, soaring prices for titanium, because of the disaster at the mine. Since Bender's body is forty percent of titanium, he sells and enriches it. Bender meets in the museum the head of President Nixon, who makes it clear that without a body life will not be happy. Bender wants to get his body back, but Nixon is ahead of him. The former president again decides to participate in the elections.

Bender together with friends (their name is Lila and Fry) makes his way to the hotel where Nixon is located. They try to steal the robot's body, but Richard Nixon wakes up. He tells the audience about his plans in case of victory in elections, how he is going to manage the Earth. His demonic speech, Bender writes to the recorder. Blackmail helps to return the body.

Fry and Leela forgot to go to the polls. This led to the victory of Nixon, who received the body of a combat robot and blew up the White House.

Slugs appear at the beginning of the episode, when Fry and his friends visit the hall for agitation. There they meet representatives of the party, which are controlled by alien parasites. For participation in the party, the controlled people offer Fry a green slug on his head, but he does not believe them. After a moment Hermes appears in the frame with a slug on his head.

The plot "Mad Rabbit"

The episode was released under the eighth number in the same second season of the animated television series Futurama. The brain slug took possession of Fry's body.

Hermes returns from vacation, during which he was infected by the local life forms of the planet Brain Slugs. Team "Interplanetary Express" decides to go to the cinema, so as not to get infected from a friend.

While watching the movie, Bender knocks on the chair opposite and rushes with popcorn. This he infuriated the robot, which turns out to be a wrestling wrestler. Bender tries to escape and sprinkles popcorn with engine oil. By his act, he knocks down the legendary fighter and he disconnects. Because of what happened, Bender is invited to take part in the "League of fighting robots".

Bender is not sure whether to participate in battles. He is encouraged by Leela, who becomes his coach. She recalls how in the shelter she was humiliated by the teacher of martial arts Funog. After the first fight, Bender learns that he wins only because of his popularity in the community. He refuses to help Lila.

Gradually, his popularity falls, and the show's owner demands that the robot change the style of "hooligan" to "crumb" and lose to a new star - robot Destroyer. Bender does not want to lose and tells all his friends. Leela agrees to train Bender again after learning that the teacher of the Destroyer is Funoh.

During the decisive battle, Leela finds out that Funog manages the Destroyer. She enters into a duel with a former teacher and defeats him. At the same time in the ring the victory goes to the Destroyer.

During the fight, Fry is still infected with a brain slug from Hermes and can not help a friend. When the fight ends, Fry appears in the ring without a parasite. According to Hubert Farnsworth, slug died of hunger, being on Fry's head.

Origins of Origin

It is assumed that the brain slugs were borrowed from the Heinlein novel "Puppeteers", which was published in 1951. These parasites clung to the spine and other parts of the earth's body and completely controlled them.

The appearance of these slugs differed from that presented in Futurama. In addition, the infected people in the novel seemed completely normal, without a monotonous voice and stupor.

Also similar parasites are found in the anime of 1980 under the title "Firebird 2772: The Cosmosone of Love". Only in this film they are attached to the face and look like fried eggs.

Use as an accessory

For fans of the animated television series Futurama, the brain slug can be used as an accessory. It is made in the form of a small plush or knitted toy, which is pinned to the head.

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