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Cute face - this is what? Examples and differences of interpretation

There are words that are not that obsolete, but come out of active speech use. Therefore, the question arises: a pretty face, this is what? The difficulty is also in the fact that this phrase has different emotional poles, so to speak. It all depends on who is talking (man or woman) and who is so much called: a guy or a girl.

Vocabulary meaning and other meanings

Cute - this is someone who has a pleasant, disposed to his appearance. But there are subtleties here, just like everywhere else. We have a business with the language, and this substance is extremely capricious and multifaceted, therefore, not all vocabulary of the dictionary can fit within itself. Accordingly, a cute face is, most likely, a synonym for the beautiful. But much depends on who is talking about whom. If this is what a man says about a woman, then he either notes her beauty, or ascertains the fact of her external attractiveness, which is slightly inadequate to beauty. It is very important intonation, it depends on what meaning is put into the phrase. "Cute face" as a characteristic can reflect both a positive disposition and a negative one. But men who see a beautiful or just a sweet girl, as a rule, are far from anger. Another thing is, when they see a too handsome young man, here the excerpt can change it. When a middle-aged or elderly person talks about a young guy, he most likely does not approve of his behavior or his appearance. And maybe even a very unpleasant option. An elderly man selflessly envies youth and beauty. But let's leave this and move on. When we hear from a woman, "He has such a pretty face!", What does this mean?

What is the meaning of the phrase women

If such a characteristic is awarded to a young lady, then the meaning is ironically contemptuous. Because women are reluctant to recognize someone else's beauty or pretty. So they are arranged. The exception is only different kinds of screen stars, famous personalities. Here everything is simple - different weight categories: the girl easily recognizes that she is inferior, for example, Scarlett Johansson, but she will never agree to the fact that the girlfriend's taste is better than hers.

When women pay attention to the cute face of a guy, then in this case it's admiration for his beauty. True, there are young ladies who, according to their heart, only have a brutal, masculine beauty of a representative of the stronger sex. When it comes to cute, the beauty of this feminine quality, even if we are talking about a man.

Everything is rather ambiguous. But, it seems, it is not so difficult to understand what is meant.

Example of cuteness - Tristan Ludlow

It would be possible to take Brad Pitt himself as an example in this section, but this would be incorrect, although, we think, there would not be few people who consider the actor cute. But the point here is about the character of Brad Pitt in the movie "Legends of Autumn." The picture tells about the history of the family. It includes a father - Colonel Ludlow and his three sons. The middle name is Tristan. The most striking thing about the character is that he looks out of place in a way that is not very nice for a man. Tristan has a woman's beauty, but at the same time a man's, a steel character. It is on this contradiction between the external and internal, male and female, that the psychology of the character is built up, which is remembered in detail in the viewer, even after the first viewing.

Therefore, if the reader asks himself: "Cute face, how to understand this?", He can immediately recall the film. If we are talking about a woman, then for an example any pretty girl will do.

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