How to Apply People's Means From Pressure

In our time, such a problem as high blood pressure, significantly younger. Pressure surges are increasingly observed even in 20-year-old young people. Therefore, now it is actual to apply effective folk remedies against pressure, which help to quickly come to a normal state and regain cheerfulness. If you have problems with pressure, then first of all you need to pay attention to your diet.

It is required to avoid the use of products containing proteins and fats of animal origin, as well as the reception of sharp and salty dishes. You need as much as possible to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The most useful products for pressure disorders are grapefruits, apples, pumpkin, beets, onions, dried fruits, as well as various vegetables. From vegetables it is best to prepare salads dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Good jams and compotes of berries, especially from mountain ash and cranberries.

As effective folk remedies against pressure, it is highly recommended to consume fruit and vegetable juices, such as grape, pomegranate, beet and potato. It is considered an excellent remedy mixed with honey juice onions, it should be taken one hour before meals or two hours after meals three times a day. To stabilize the pressure from ancient times, people drank decoctions of black currant or dogrose and juice of chokeberry. Such folk treatment of pressure is necessary for a period of 2 to 5-6 weeks.

In the arsenal of the folk medicine chest, there are a number of medicinal plants and herbs that help to reduce hypertensive phenomena and help to normalize blood pressure. Such natural folk remedies for pressure include decoctions of herbs and herbal remedies .

Make a herb collection of three parts of rose hips, three parts of fennel seeds, three parts of horsetail grass, two pieces of raspberry fruit, two parts of plantain leaves, two parts of lime, two parts of mother-and-stepmother and one part of birch leaves. Such a collection should be in the amount of two tablespoons brew in 500 ml of boiling water and insist one hour. Use infusion follows 10 minutes before meals three times a day for 100-150 ml.

Another collection, which produces high-pressure folk medicine: you need to take in equal proportions motherwort, hawthorn flowers, cassowe grass, white mistletoe. Pour two tablespoons of the collection with boiling water in a volume of 300 ml, soak. Infusion strain and take 10 minutes before meals three times a day for 100ml.

The next remedy can be prepared from the flowers of immortelle and chamomile, the herb of St. John's wort and the birch buds, all taken in one hundred grams in equal parts. The mixture must be ground on a coffee grinder and placed in a closing glass jar. In the evening, immediately before use, boil 500ml of water, add one teaspoon of the powder obtained and leave to boil for 20 minutes. Then the resulting infusion should be filtered and squeezed through a dense tissue. From the received infusion it is necessary to pour half, add one teaspoon of honey and drink. The rest of the infusion for the next day in the morning you need to warm up to 35 degrees and drink 20 minutes before breakfast. To complete the full course of treatment, it is necessary to drink this infusion daily, until the entire cooked powder is finished.

To treat hypertension, folk remedies against pressure are recommended to take aloe juice. Three drops of fresh aloe juice should be added to one teaspoon of boiled water and taken on an empty stomach once a day. After two months of treatment, the pressure will return to normal. The use of the above folk remedies is usually not associated with side effects and complications. In addition to taking medications, you need to remember about daily physical activity and proper nutrition.

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