Apparatus Ilizarov, many mistakenly called 'Elizarov's apparatus'

Apparatus Ilizarov (some call it "apparatus Elizarova") for a long time and is widely used in traumatology. In this article we will talk about what Ilizarov's apparatus is and in what cases it is used. How to care for him and what complications can arise when using this design.

Ilizarov's apparatus, many people say "Elizarov's apparatus": what is this?

The device was invented in 1953 by the great scientist, physician GA Ilizarov. Since then, thanks to this discovery, another era has begun in orthopedics and traumatology.

The Ilizarov apparatus is a compression-distraction structure designed for long-term fixation of bones in fractures and further their distraction (stretching) or compression (compression).

The device is an iron structure consisting of rings. They are attached to the spokes, which pass through the bone tissue at an angle of 90 degrees. The rings are joined together by means of special rods, with which it is possible to regulate the necessary elongation or compression of the limb.


Apparatus Ilizarov (often found "apparatus Elizarova") is of great use in many areas of modern medicine:

- in orthopedics - to eliminate various acquired or congenital defects, with bone shortening and deformity of limbs, post-traumatic consequences (false joints, incorrectly fused fractures and other defects);

- In traumatology - for splicing complex and open fractures;

- in pediatric orthopedics - with systemic deformations of the skeleton (to increase growth), alignment of legs of different lengths;

- in aesthetic surgery - to increase growth with the help of lengthening the thighs and lower leg, getting rid of the curvature of the legs.

Application for fractures

Ilizarov's apparatus (or "Elizarov's apparatus"), although it has a fairly simple design, but it is simply indispensable for the treatment of many people. The use of the design in the treatment has helped many in the intergrowth of complex fractures, straightening of deformed bones, leveling the legs.

In the treatment of any fracture, the structure is on the limb for at least two months. Approximately two weeks later, it is necessary to give a moderate load to the aching limb. For example, with a broken leg, the patient can walk quite normally, with a fracture of the hand, take light objects.


Proper care of the design will help to avoid many troubles and will affect the success of the healing process. If Ilizarov's device (mistakenly named "apparatus Elizarov ") on his arm, it is possible to go to the dressing station at the local polyclinic. It is much more difficult to visit a medical institution with a broken leg. In this case, it is possible to make the necessary care at home on your own.

First of all you need daily processing of the knitting needles. The spokes are always an even number, up to 12 pieces, respectively, up to 24 outlets. Each output of the needle should be treated with 50% alcohol (pure alcohol, diluted in half with distilled water) or ordinary vodka of good quality.

Handle not only the places adjacent to the spoke, but also the entire spoke. After processing, a gauze cloth moistened with alcohol solution or chlorhexidine is applied to the place of exit of the needle.

Problems using

Basically, problems arise when a painful limb is given a load. The most common complications occur with a fracture of the foot: when the patient begins to walk, inflamed soft tissue in the area of the spokes. This is a spinal infection. It is very important not to start a complication.

If a tumor, redness, pain, purulent discharge occurs around the knitting needles, it is necessary to apply a cloth moistened in a solution of dimexide diluted in half with distilled water to the area of inflammation . There is another way - using a hypertonic solution (sodium chloride 10%), which need to moisten the napkin and overlay around the inflammation zone. Hypertensive solution will help to remove the inflammation, pull out pus. In case of complications along with local dressings, antibiotics are prescribed.

After the removal

After Ilizarov's device (erroneously - "Elizarov's apparatus") will be removed, small wounds remain on the place of the exit of the spokes. They should be treated with disinfectants until they are completely healed. A few days later, the wounds are tightened, and a massage using ointments and creams for removing edema can be applied to the aching leg (Lyoton, Troxevasin, Troxerutin and others).

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