Gynecologist Mark Kurtser: biography

Professor Mark Kurtser is one of the best obstetrician-gynecologists of the country and, perhaps, the most successful doctor-businessman. His network of perinatal private clinics "Mother and Child" is a rare example of the effective conduct of commercial activities in the medical field.

Biography of Mark Kurtzer

Mark Arkadevich was born in Moscow on June 30, 1957. He dreamed of a career as a doctor from a child: after finishing school in 1974, he continued his education at the medical institute of the 2 nd MOLGMI named after Pirogov. After 6 years of study, he entered residency in specialization "Gynecology and Obstetrics".

From 1982 to 1994 he taught in his native medical school, having passed from a simple assistant to a respected associate professor of the department of gynecology. Mark Kurzer published a large number of works on the problems of prenatal diagnosis. After defending the thesis, he was awarded the degree of candidate of medical sciences.

Medical activity

Working in a state medical institution, Mark Arkadevich met one of the best obstetricians and gynecologists in Russia, Professor Galina Savelieva. She conceived the idea of organizing an exemplary maternity hospital in which the best achievements of medicine would be introduced, and future mothers received counseling throughout pregnancy.

In 1994 the maternity hospital was opened on Sevastopol Avenue, Mark Kurtser became the head physician of the Center for reproduction of the Center for Cerebral Palsy. This position he held until the fall of 2012, combining with other activities. The peculiarity of the institution was a special care for all women in childbirth, unfortunately, not typical for state institutions. Moreover, Mark Arkadevich personally took birth, did operations and was engaged in counseling. Thanks to regular practice and self-training, the adoption of the experience of foreign and domestic colleagues, MA. Kurtser became a doctor with an impeccable reputation. In 2001 he defended his doctoral dissertation.

Talent of the organizer

Working as head physician, Mark Kurtser, in addition to the actual medical activities, was engaged in managerial work. It turned out that the obstetrician-gynecologist manages to organize people no worse than to conduct operations. His talent was noticed in the administration of the capital. Mark created a much-needed city blood bank, serving the CPSIR and state maternity hospitals.

In 2004, Kurzer persuaded the authorities to allocate land for a new perinatal center. This project was financed by Sberbank and SIA International for a total of more than 2 billion rubles. The work of the center was successful, the loans were repaid on time.

Roddom 5 stars

A special feature of the network of Mother and Child centers is high-quality services that unite medical services and accommodation not only for expectant mothers, but also for their families (optional). At the same time, the general service corresponds to 3-5-star hotels. Needless to say, the most promising medical technologies are used. Accordingly, the cost of staying is very high and exceeds by 5-10 times the services rendered by state institutions and more simple private centers.

Income from activities allowed the construction of a fundamentally new institution in the Moscow region of Lapino, which exceeds the capacity of the usual perinatal center. The clinical hospital organizes medical care not only for babies, mothers and women in childbirth, but also for family members. That is, it is a kind of alloy maternity home and a clinic with a wide profile of activity. According to the gynecologist Mark Kurtzer, he came up with the concept himself. In Russia there were no analogues of such a center.

Record-breaking IPO

In 2012, M.A. Kurtser made a small revolution in the field of medical services. He exhibited shares in the company that oversees the activities of the Mother and Child Center on the London Stock Exchange. By this time the network had 12 different private medical institutions. Initially, analysts were skeptical about the idea, considering it risky, because none of the domestic private medical firms did not dare to take such a step. Kurzer himself, on the contrary, was more than confident of success, he had previously held a series of negotiations with potential partners.

The actions "Mother and Child" turned out to be very interesting for investors, first of all foreign ones. After holding an IPO on the London Stock Exchange, Mark Arkadievich's business was valued at a record $ 900 + million. It sold about 30% of the shares for an amount exceeding $ 300 million. Thus, the network received the necessary funds to move to the regions, and the talented obstetrician-gynecologist became the richest doctor of the country. Photo by Mark Kurtzer often flashes in the tabloids, reminding that in medicine you can achieve commercial success.

Further activities

10 years (2003-2013) Mark Arkadevich served as the chief gynecologist and obstetrician of the Moscow Department of Health. During this period, many programs have been implemented to reduce the death rate during childbirth, and improve the work of state maternity hospitals.

M.A. The Kurzer has many times been awarded with prizes, diplomas, awards, both from the city administration and from the central authorities:

  • 1998 - a medal for the 850th anniversary of Moscow.
  • 2000 - Prize of the Moscow City Administration.
  • 2010 - government prize in the field of science.
  • 2012/2016 - Order IV / III degree "For Services to the Fatherland".
  • 2013 - medical award "Calling."

Mark Kurtser: feedback

In general, the clients' feedback on the work of the Mother and Child centers is positive. Patients note a more responsible attitude on the part of the staff, excellent training of doctors, excellent conditions of stay. Given the specifics, audible and negative feedback, as a rule, private order. Regarding Mark Arkadievich, the mothers with gratitude note the highest professionalism of him as a doctor who saves lives in the most difficult situations.

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