Products from plastic bottles as an element of modern design

The cottage and the plot next to it are a great place to embody your own design ideas. Products made of plastic bottles can turn ordinary land in a bright and attractive spectacle. A distinctive feature of plastic containers from other materials for decoration and site arrangement is their low cost. In addition, the plastic is malleable to the processing of the material, and the products of hand-made performance will always be evaluated much higher than those purchased. A little imagination and patience, and others will be surprised in no small way!

Products made of plastic bottles are quite easy to make, just cut out the parts of the necessary size and shape from the bottle, give them the necessary bends and zadekorirovat with additional elements. As an option, you can decorate the crafts in different colors.

Self-made butterflies and flowers - pleasing look of plastic bottles for the garden. To make a butterfly, you need to draw on the bottle its silhouette, decorate and cut. Bending the preform in the necessary places, you need to give the butterfly the desired shape. Wire can be made with antennae, and pasted beads or sequins, you can give the product more elegant appearance.

Similarly, plastic products are produced in the form of flowers - the desired shape of the petals is cut out, previously colored with different colors. The petals are fastened together by a wire, which can serve as a stalk for installation in the ground, and fasteners for decorating various shrubs and trees.

Also with the help of plastic vessels it is quite possible to protect the seedlings of young trees from encroachments from rodents. To do this, it is sufficient to cut the bottom (if necessary, the neck) of the bottle, cut it along and put it on the stem of the plant.

In a simple way you can build a wash basin. In this case, you need 5-liter plastic products. It is necessary to cut the bottom of the tank and, turning it downside down, fix it on a vertical surface (for example, tie it to a tree). And when there is a need to wash your hands, you need to unscrew the lid a little, but not to the end, so that the water does not collapse into the flow to the feet.

Products from plastic bottles for watering lawns will please any gardener. In the bottle, a lot of small holes are made, a hose is put on the neck, this structure is placed in the place of the required moistening. When water is supplied under pressure through the openings with high jets, it spreads in different directions. For a more ordered direction of the jet, a used ballpoint pen without a rod can be inserted into the hole. This wonderful idea for the product from plastic bottles for the garden wins its practicality and low cost.

From plastic containers you can come up with numerous objects and adaptations that facilitate work, the main thing - to give vent to fantasy. Scoops for fertilizers and debris, scoops for watering, stands under the knees for planting seedlings, a protective face mask for painting the ceiling or whitewashing of trees and much more - all these products made of plastic bottles made with their own hands will bring a lot of positive emotions and will become irreplaceable helpers.

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