How to create crafts made of cotton wool

It's not a secret for anyone that the materials at hand can serve as an excellent basis for making original souvenirs. Crafts made of cotton discs for children and adults are becoming very popular because of their simplicity and accessibility. Original and funny idea of Christmas tree

To make such a Christmas decoration for the house, you will need the following materials: paints, thread and needle, packing of cotton wheels, scissors. Set aside the number of wadded disks. Then make circles of different diameters. With scissors cut off excess, each next wadded disk do less than the previous one. Each second disc is painted green. Crafts from cotton wool It is best to paint with watercolor, adding a little water for dilution.

When the paint dries, proceed to assemble the Christmas tree. To do this, take a thread and a needle, string the largest cotton pad, then a small bead, then in the same way a cotton disc with a smaller size , then again a bead, in the same way thread all the disks until they run out. At the end, fasten the resulting herringbone with a small knot, decorate the top and sew a ribbon. Such New Year's articles from cotton wool Will be a wonderful decoration in your house on the eve of the New Year. From cotton pads, you can also create an unusual topiary. To do this you will need a package of fifty pieces of these hygiene products. Each wadded disk is folded in such a way that one of its edges is already narrower than the other. It is easy to understand how this is done if you look at master classes on making roses. Rewind the rose with a thread in the tone of the fabric. Then turn out on the wide edge. So you need to make about 50 pieces (depending on the size of your topiary). When all the roses are ready, take a styrofoam ball and attach the blanks with glue.

Crafts made of cotton discs are good in that they are simply attached to any surface. Next, cut out the leaves from the tissue of green or other matter. Glue them to the ball. Note that roses and leaves should be placed on the ball evenly and harmoniously. Now decorate the topiary with small beads and beads. Use several colors at once. The trunk can be made from any branch. On it you can put a simple thread from the same beads, as on the ball itself. The main thing is not to overdo it with details. Remember that all colors must be combined. Before gluing together the details, fold them together and see if they will look harmonious.

A pot for topiary can be made from a candlestick painted with acrylic paint. It can also be decorated with beads and beads. Inside the container, fill in the gypsum and fill it with small stones, attaching several leaves to them.

Crafts made of cotton wheels are quite simple to manufacture, but they have a very attractive appearance. They simply give in to painting, they are well fixed on the surface and firmly hold on to it. Show a little imagination, creating your own masterpiece, using all sorts of improvised materials. And if you were able to make extraordinary crafts made of cotton-wool discs, then other homemade souvenirs you will get "with a bang."

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