Sedan "408 Peugeot": technical specifications, bundling, owner reviews

One of the best French sedans is the "408 Peugeot". The technical characteristics of this machine are really good, besides it has good external data and a comfortable ergonomic interior - in general, all that is needed by the average driver.

Briefly about the model

Before talking about the inherent characteristics of the car "408 Peugeot" specifications, I would like to briefly mention its history.

So, this model is a large family sedan of the famous French company. It was first presented to the attention of the general public in 2010, on January 25. In Russia, it appeared only in September 2012.

Despite the name, the 408th is not the successor of the 407th. It's just a sedan built on an elongated base from Peugeot 308. In general, this model was not planned to be sold to European buyers, but now it is very popular among them. It is also interesting that for Russia this machine was redesigned - especially for difficult operating conditions. Our customers were available models with four different motors, but they will be discussed a little later.

In 2014 a new generation appeared - with a different body, headlights and interior. However, in the Russian Federation these models will not be sold.


So, before telling about what the "408 Peugeot" has technical characteristics, it is worth mentioning its appearance. Exterior is difficult to call refined or elegant. Peugeot has a much more stylish car. But, in principle, it's a family sedan, so the exterior is forgivable.

Appearance seems to have been created for Russian spaces. Its length is 4703 millimeters, and its width is 1815 mm. But the height is 1505 mm. So the silhouette turned out to be quite low. The body is still fit in the wheelbase at 2710 mm. Its wedge shape is quite well combined with the "aspen" optics. Such lights are more usual to see on machines "Mitsubishi", but also the French representative turned out very interesting. The ground clearance is not bad - 178 mm, and if you remember that the model has a good suspension and hydraulics, then the operation promises to be pleasant.


"Peugeot 408", a photo of which can be seen above, looks pretty inside from inside. In general, the salon turned out to be not only attractive, but also spacious. Especially pleases the trunk. Its volume is 560 liters. However, this machine was not created in order to transport bags with onions and carrots from the dacha with it. But a couple of suitcases and bags inside can be placed quietly.

The instrument panel looks American-laconic and simple. Everything is practical and ergonomic - that's what you need! Nothing distracts, no extra devices, buttons and levers. The way the Peugeot 408 looks from the inside, the photo provided below, perfectly demonstrates.

Particularly pleasing are the chrome-plated rings and light tones dials. When you look at them, there is an association with representatives of popular sports cars. Pleasant and comfortable adjustment of the seats. The steering wheel can also be adjusted. Extremely convenient and transmission lever - ideally located, right in front of your hand. The salon is trimmed with a good cloth in dark colors. In general, everything is strictly, cute and comfortable - and this is the most important thing.

About indicators

And now it is necessary to tell directly about what the model "408 Peugeot" has technical characteristics. For starters, it is worth noting what equipment was specially equipped for the Russian conditions. This is a powerful air conditioner and heated windows, air ducts for passengers in the rear row, crankcase protection on the bottom.

And what about power plants? As already mentioned above, there are four. The basic model was to be equipped with a 110-horsepower motor, which assumed work under the control of 5-speed mechanics. Its volume is 1.6 liters. But the developers at the last moment decided that the 1.6-liter unit is not enough for a car that weighs 1,400 kilograms. Because the power increased by 5 horsepower.

Next on the list is the 1.6-liter diesel for 112 hp. One of the best engines. Works quietly, almost does not break, a high-quality timing belt - in general, a good option. There is another 120-horsepower engine (maybe both mechanics and automatic). And the best is the engine for 150 hp, equipped with a turbo. Its maximum speed is 207 km / h. In the city for 100 kilometers this gasoline unit consumes 12 liters. In a mixed mode, 8.5 liters of fuel is spent per 100 km. Quite economical. Because "Peugeot 408" reviews and gets mostly positive.


This is also a very important topic. Auto "Peugeot 408" boasts an excellent security system. No complaints - just praise. The ESP and ABS systems, thanks to which the overall trajectory of the machine is under control, is not disappointing. At the same time, the smoothness of the course is not diminished. Another interesting thing is that the body was designed with the expectation that in the event of a collision it would take the whole blow to itself. This is ensured by two whole power frame belts. And the zone of programmed deformation played a significant role here. In more simple terms, in the case of an accident, the body will be damaged (it will doubt), but not the passengers.

Seat belts are equipped with special pyrotechnic pretensioners and are characterized by a three-point fastening. And the driver can lock the locks of the rear windows and doors from his seat.

In 2015, this machine in the basic equipment cost about 790 000 rubles. The model with a diesel engine is approximately 915,000 rubles. And the version in the top equipment - almost 980 000 rubles.

Owner Comments

As it was already possible to understand, Peugeot 408 is quite a good machine. Reviews about it relevant. Especially the owners like the diesel version. People living in cold Russian cities, assure that for this car minus 25-30 degrees - not the temperature, not even frost. It is got without problems.

They mark the spacious interior, it is very convenient both from the front and from behind. There is not enough lateral support, but without it it is quite acceptable. In terms of manageability - too, everything is in order. It stands on the track well, rulitsya without censures, turns into the turns well. The pendant shows itself perfectly - even on our bad roads to break it, we'll have to try, even if we go on potholes and pits at high speed. The average flow after the fact is 5.3 liters per 100 km. On the highway - slightly more than 4 liters. In general, the car shows itself in all its glory - just as its manufacturers describe.


If you need repair "Peugeot 408", then certainly not a year after the purchase. The machine is assembled well, and with careful operation will serve without complaints for a long time. The only thing that can bring the pads ("Peugeot 408" is weak in this) and optics - will have to be changed. Often people complain about the temperature sensor. But in general - nothing serious. All the shortcomings are small and easily correctable. The main thing is that there are no complaints about the engine, suspension, transmission and other important points. So, the car is of high quality, and you can safely buy it!

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