"Samsung": manufacturer and its products

In the shops of engineering and electronics you can meet a large number of different phones. Popular is the brand "Samsung". The manufacturer of this company is South Korea. The company produces many useful things for the home that make life easier for people. Therefore, among the firms selling home appliances, this manufacturer earned the trust. "Samsung Galaxy" is also produced by this company.

About company

Samsung Electronics is the world leader in the sale of electronics, household appliances, mobile phones. Also the company produces semiconductors, telecommunication systems, memory chips. The company is considered a subsidiary of Samsung Group. It employs more than 300 thousand people.

You can find a lot of goods, which produces "Samsung". The manufacturer is known for the release of household appliances, electronics, televisions, vacuum cleaners, washing machines. Also in the range is smartphones, digital cameras and headphones.

The release of electronics and household appliances

In 1969, Samsung, together with the company Sanyo founded a company that produces semiconductors. Later, these institutions merged. So there was a firm Samsung Electronics, which for a short period became the leader in the field of production of equipment.

Since 1972, black and white TVs have been produced. Later, refrigerators and washing machines, as well as color televisions, began to be produced. In 1980, Samsung computers were launched. The manufacturer focuses on the demand of consumers, so it established the release of laptops, smartphones, tablets. Since the 1990s, the manufacture of phones has become popular, which is in demand right now.

The company began to produce digital cameras, because they were more in demand than film cameras. To date, 124 offices have been opened in 56 countries. The company operates on the basis of information technology, telecommunications, digital media technologies.

Producing countries

Now in the shops you can find a large number of products "Samsung". The manufacturer of this brand is South Korea. However, depending on the type of product, the country of assembly may differ:

  • Two-compartment refrigerators are assembled in Poland.
  • Hoods, hobs and dishwashers - in China.
  • Washing machines, televisions and music centers - in Russia.
  • Microwave ovens, split systems - in Malaysia.
  • Vacuum cleaners, tablets, smartphones - in Vietnam.
  • Ovens - in Thailand.

Therefore, the manufacturer of the TV "Samsung", for example, South Korea, but the assembly can be performed in Russia. You need to buy goods in specialized stores. The products are provided with a warranty from the manufacturer, on which repairs are carried out in the event of a breakdown of equipment.

"Samsung Galaxy"

The manufacturer of the phone "Samsung" - South Korea. There are many models of this technique, differing in functions and appearance. But each gadget has a modern design, necessary services and is convenient for use.

Phones have high-quality sound, both from headphones and from speakers. It is enough to charge the battery once, so that the energy is enough for a long period. The work of the phones is fast and comfortable. Many devices have slots for 2 sim cards, which makes the technique multifunctional.

By default, the necessary applications are running. The image quality is also excellent. And the prices for phones are quite affordable, compared with many other brands. Now many consumers choose these phones, because they have been popular for many years because of their reliability.

Technique "Samsung" has long been in demand with buyers. The company is constantly improving, releasing new devices. Electronics and household appliances are quite affordable, as well as stable operation. Many users are happy with this technique.

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