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"Grandma's basket", baby food: feedback most informative!

Each mom and dad want for their child only the best and delicious. But they do not always have the means to do this. Today in the store you can find a variety of different purees, juices and cereals at different prices. "Grandma's basket" - baby food, reviews about which you will read in this article.

How much is?

"Grandma's basket" - baby food. Reviews say that the prices for it vary from 19 to 40 rubles per hundred gram jar. Low cost - this does not mean that the products used to make this puree are second-rate. The simple fact is that nothing is added to the prepared jar, except for the vegetable / fruit / meat. That is, children's purees "Grandma's bowl" are completely natural. Many babies do not like it because of its specific taste.

"Grandma's basket", baby food: reviews

Among consumers there are both satisfied ones, and those who switched to other food. Specific taste of this product is rarely liked, and it is very liquid. The cheapness of the product most mothers do not attract, but, on the contrary - repels. After all, at a cost, this puree is very different from the rest. For example: baby puree "Agusha. Pork" costs 49 rubles for 100 grams, puree "Semper. Pork" - from 75 rubles, and "Grandma's loin. Pork" - from 26 rubles per 100 grams. Indeed, the difference is significant. But this product is not worse than others. Therefore, there are mothers who are satisfied with the production of "Babushkina Lukshko": baby food should be primarily useful and not contain starch and GMO - that's what parents think. And the products meet these requirements in full.

Tasty and healthy?

As for taste - there's an amateur, someone likes it, and some do not. I think that very few people like to eat unleavened, but children need such food - without salt and sugar. Nevertheless, some babies eat this product with pleasure. Is it useful? With all responsibility I will answer - yes! Puree is prepared only from high quality vegetables, fruits, meat. Many consumers of the products of the brand "Grandmother's bowl" leave positive comments. In our time, the number of allergies among children has increased. And the production of this company does not cause a reaction, which confirms the quality and dignity of baby food.

Since how many years can you give "Grandma's basket" (baby food)?

Reviews say that many moms with this puree started feeding the baby at the age of 4 to 6 months. You can give the baby zucchini or mashed potatoes (half a teaspoon). But before you introduce the product into the diet of the child, consult a pediatrician. It is possible that you will be given another food. Children are happy to try new products, but this does not mean that you need to stuff the baby. Surpluses and inaccuracies can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract or allergies.

Note to young mothers and fathers

If your baby is four months old, and he is breastfed, then do not enter the lure, only if the baby does not have enough milk. Well, if you feed your baby with a mixture, then it is four months from the beginning of feeding. As you have already learned, "Grandma's basket", baby food, reviews are different and contradictory, but it's up to you to decide what to feed your baby.

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