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What should I do? Useful ideas

Free time sometimes turns into a curse. Especially if for some reason ideas do not come to mind about how to occupy themselves. However, billions of people would be happy to have your problem. They suffer from deadlines and write lists of what they would have done if time had appeared. Although when free time comes, they are tormented, unable to find a job. For a lot of people, pastime should not only be pleasant, but also useful. So here are some ideas on what to do with yourself when bored.

Find your favorite sneakers

If you are unhappy with your figure, you can at the expense of free time to fix it. If there is no thunderstorm outside the window, you can count the kilometers in Yandex.Maps, find your favorite sneakers, dress according to the weather and mentally multiply your weight by the number of kilometers that it would be good to run. This will be the calories you spent. Each hundred calories spent (if not re-eat) is equal to a loss of 4.6 kg per year. The minimum training time is 40 minutes. At least 15 kg per year of weight loss during training every day you are provided.

Forward, to dreams!

What should I do at home when I do not feel like going out on the street? Go for the knowledge of the site Coursera or MIT. To gain knowledge, you will need English, but almost all modern people know it. At the same time, and learn the language, and most of the lectures are still presented in a text format. You will be helped by a Google translator . You will be able to master even new professions - for example, a software tester. Or, finally, deal with higher mathematics. Nothing so raises self-esteem as passed on an "excellent" test on the topic of function limits, believe me.

For the lyrics

And if you do not want to plunge into the exact sciences, pay attention to the library of Flibust. It contains a huge number of art books, including contemporary authors. Why not get acquainted with the latest novels of the popular author, especially since Flibusta is a free library? Nothing helps you relax like a good book. You will forget about boredom, and the problem of "what to do with yourself" will not bother you.

Look at the root!

If boredom reflects a crisis of understanding your own life, then you do not need to switch to external, but work with the internal. Inmybook service is very useful for record keeping. On the site you can create a branched tree of small documents, sorting them according to your needs. This is not only a diary, but also a repository for your thoughts, arranged in the way that you think is right. For each interesting idea, you can create your own implementation plan. And all this will be stored under the password. In addition, the site has many other functions, for example, a tool for budget management and a calendar with reminders. Almost all possibilities are free.

Of course, you can go through a simple way, for example, to watch the new season of your favorite TV series, but in fact, from time, in the end, the life of a person develops. And when you decide what to do, you determine your future. If you read an article on professional topics, it will enhance your qualifications if you play Counter Strike - just have fun.

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