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How does an ordinary Arab sheik live?

Who are they, these richest and wise rulers, mega successful entrepreneurs in the Middle East, happy owners of billions of dollars worth, the world's largest investors? They are neither more nor less Arab sheiks. Who are these people? How do the Arab sheiks live? It is about them that will be discussed in the article.

Captivating East

When thinking about the East, wealthy rulers and their lives, one of the most popular Disney cartoons, "Aladdin", comes to mind. I remember this expensive decoration of the palace of the ruler, countless rooms with various designs, undisguised riches, and most importantly, limitless possibilities.

There is nothing in the world that they could not get, because the most important tool is constantly growing capital, they have in their hands all the material goods that belong to them and their families and have the ability to multiply with incredible speed and on a huge scale. Only all this is not a magical story invented by Disney writers, but the realities of the life of the sheikhs of the Arab Emirates.

Who are the sheiks

The very word "Sheikh" means "Elder", "head of the clan" or "minister of the higher Muslim clergy". The Arab sheikh is the title of ruler of the emirate and members of his family. In the Arab countries it is inherited or appropriated to especially worthy Muslims. The Sheikhs are obliged to be able to interpret the Qur'an and lead a highly moral life in accordance with its laws.

Sheikhs of the Middle East

The titled persons in the East are a very wealthy noble elite. It so happened that the largest oil fields, which bring billions in revenues, concentrated in the Middle East countries: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. How can you not put together a billion fortune? But do not think that the income of the Arab sheikhs entirely depends on the sale of oil. An important part of the profit is made by investments in the economy of the country and international investments.

So, the Arab sheiks are the richest people with remarkable intelligence and enormous work capacity; Wise rulers of states, raising the standard of living of their people, but not forgetting to increase their own state.

The very fact that the president of the UAE has forgiven some of his citizens debts on loans, simply paying them himself, speaks about the highest level of well-being and concern for the population of his country.


How do the sheiks of the Arab Emirates have fun ? State management leaves some free time, but unlimited financial opportunities allow you to have your quirks and hobbies, often growing into business. Participation in the races "Formula 1" led Sheikh Maktoum to create his own project motorcycle races "A-1". One of the favorite hobbies are equestrian competitions and, of course, thoroughbred Arabian horses, purchased for fabulous sums and living in luxurious stables. Traditional entertainment in the form of collecting exclusive cars, yachts, palaces, antiques and gold jewelry are replaced by more exotic: the creation of artificial rain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. And if the Arab sheikh is fond of football, then he immediately buys a club, and the European one.

Family life

It is not customary to spread the personal life of the sheiks in the eastern countries. According to Sharia law, they can have a harem, that is, several wives. And to become the wife of the sheikh - any dream, after all the husband bestows them from head to foot, allocating everyone in the palace and providing them throughout life in marriage. But how do wives live: secular life or in complete isolation - entirely depends on the nature of the rich spouse.

The Arab sheikh pays great attention to the formation of sons, because the title and position are inherited by seniority, and the next generation will have to govern the state. It is on this principle that the famous Sheikh Zayd left the title of Emir Abu Dhabi and his fortune to the current President of the United Arab Emirates.

The first president is Emir Zayd bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Zaid is the heir of Sheikh Sultan, successfully led Al-Ain, the oldest city of the Emirates, then headed the largest emirate of Abu Dhabi, which later became the capital. In 1971, of all the existing emirates, six emirates merged into a single state, which was called the United Arab Emirates (later, one more was added), and Zayed, the ruler of Sheikh Abu Dhabi, was elected president. His wise leadership allowed him to remain in office almost 33 years.

The development of oil and gas in the territory of the Emirates was led by the British, for which the emirs were paid pennies. The rich Arab Sheikh Zayd after his election redistributed income, of course, in favor of his country. The welfare of citizens began to grow dramatically. During the presidency of Sheikh Zayd, the desert land of the Bedouin nomads turned into a green paradise for billionaires. Giant sums were invested in the educational system, agriculture, construction. He was engaged in sheikh and charity: the erection of mosques, the opening of a large number of medical institutions and other things. In 2004, the Arab Sheikh Zayd died at the age of a venerable old man, leaving his successor with a fortune of over twenty billion dollars and a prosperous country.

Golden Youth of the United Arab Emirates

Prepared for the upcoming rule by the state of offsprings of a noble family from childhood, they study in the best eminent foreign universities, and then they are attached to political and economic activities.

Sheikh Hamdan, the son of Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, is a bright representative of the UAE's golden youth.

A noble lineage, a fortune of more than 18 billion dollars, a bachelor's status and a charming smile make him one of the most enviable fiancés of the whole world.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum received his deep knowledge in Great Britain, and on his return to his native penates began to take part in the policy of the state. His connections with the female sex are covered in mystery, we must not forget that he is a sheikh and crown prince and is obliged to lead a moral way of life. But the hobbies are not hidden, and all of them are truly royal: favorite equestrian competitions, where the prince received the gold medal of the World Equestrian Games; Falcon hunting; Motorcycle racing "Formula-1". Not alien to him and fashionable entertainment, increasing the level of adrenaline: diving, mountaineering, parachute jumping. Another Arab sheik is engaged in photography on a professional level. And of course, poetry. This is the passion of many sheikhs. The young billionaire holds key posts in the political sphere of Dubai, is engaged in charity, in particular, being the patron of the Dubai Autism Research Center and the head of the Sports Committee.


Sheikhs of the Arab Emirates are wise businessmen. Their wealth is not only the merit of their ancestors. This is the result of well-thought-out and true business strategies, colossal investments that have succeeded and brought a multimillion-dollar profit. Realizing that the oil resources are not unlimited, they diligently deduce the economy of the country from dependence on black gold, making a bet on real estate, tourism and sports - everything that the Arab sheiks love and that they are happy to invest fabulous sums.

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