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Beautiful English names - history and origin

Beautiful English names are not for us something completely foreign and unknown. The rich literary heritage of English poets and writers is studied by a large number of people. English names sound very beautiful and can form a diminutive form. But, this is, perhaps, all their similarities with the Slavic names that are familiar to us .

Popular English names are mostly represented by national antiquities or borrowed from new ones. From the old Anglo-Saxon layer to this day came a very small number of names, for example, Edward or Mildred. According to estimates, they account for only 8% of all existing today. This situation has developed after the country was conquered by the Normans. At that time on the English land, such male names as William, Robert or Richard became popular.

Beautiful English names from the Bible

With the spread of Christianity in England, noble families began to call their children in honor of biblical saints. In the future, the tradition of calling their children for the holiness also appeared among commoners. Many names, having spread among the people, have undergone some changes. For example, just three English names came from the same Hebrew Joanna - Joan, Jane and Jean.

The Puritans, followers of the religious current opposing themselves to the church, brought into use such beautiful English names as Sharon, Benjamin and Deborah. Very often the invented variants were rather ridiculous, and few of them survived to this day.

One can not help recalling the contribution of writers to the history of English names. Literators have made popular the already existing names and fruits of their creative imagination.

History of origin

The origin and history of names is studied by a separate science. On the part of the researchers collect information to find out more. For example, in England, the noble family had a very entertaining tradition, the child was given two traditional names at baptism, and one of them became his surname. Slightly confused, but the English are used to it.

In general, no one limited their parents in the number of names given to the child officially. As a rule, there were two or three of them, but sometimes the number reached ten. Of course, nobody used any names, but they still tried to remember all the relatives and celebrities.

Since the 16th century, the British have become Protestants, and if before that beautiful English names were taken from the saints, the new religion was the origin of new traditions. Many names were taken from the Old Testament or the New Testament.

But there were people who wanted to stand out somehow, and they came up with such rare English names as Cherity, Mercy and others. There have also been funny cases, when from the covenants they took not just names, but whole lines.

Later, when the religion receded into the background, the old names - Daisy, April, Amber - began to come back again. The fashion includes Italian and French names. Sometimes, reading the English press, we can conclude that a person here can be called committed by any word. Take, for example, the family Beckham, who named one of the sons of Brooklyn, and the daughter - Harper Seven.

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