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Arrogance - what is it? A synonym for pride and vanity?

Sooner or later, everyone asks what is arrogance, what it means and whether it's good or bad.

Arrogance in explanatory dictionaries

Judging by the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language, the word arrogance defines a man of arrogant, self-confident and arrogant. The dictionary of Ephraim interprets it and as a property of arrogant, arrogant man. According to Ushakov, arrogance is positioned as a relation to the surrounding reality of a man of self-satisfied arrogance and contempt.

Of course, those who are in spiritual search, and in general people of the exalted perceptual frame, must decide on the acceptability for them of having arrogance in character. If you think that quality is acceptable, then, perhaps, it would not hurt to decide on the extent to which it is permissible. To do this, it is necessary to give a precise formulation of the term "arrogance". What this quality can bring to a person's life, and what it can deprive of its owner, is determined primarily by the level of spirituality of each individual person. It is known that spiritualized people are those who see the important through the shroud of circumstances and do not give way to the seething emotions. A person of this kind can boast of having excessive pride and vanity in himself, not only can not, but does not want to.

Arrogance and Christianity

Arrogance - what is this for a Christian? For an adherent of this religion - this is a permanent evil. Those who have read the Bible at least once in their lives could not help but notice that qualities such as vanity, pride and arrogance always go against humility, obedience and forgiveness. The impudence that is necessarily inherent in a haughty person, according to the Old and New Testaments, leads to catastrophes and a fall. In the Bible, it is often possible to find such formulations that define arrogance of the heart as a seductive feeling leading to corruption and death. If we turn to the biographies of the holy fathers of the church, they all consider this quality evil, which deprives the heart of peace and introduces the soul into confusion, and with which it is necessary to fight hard. For this reason, one should speak about arrogance in Christianity, but within the framework of the interpretation of one of the main postulates of faith - the Holy Scripture.

Arrogance in the classical literature

F. DOSTOYEVSKY, as a person who is deeply religious, orthodox, defined this quality in character negatively: "Haughtiness generates in him frivolity, frivolity - arrogance". However, in the classical literature the term "arrogance" is not always used as a property of a person neglectful to others and vain. For example, the image of Turgenev's girl: "You are arrogant, gentle and pure." That is, the meaning of the word "arrogance" seems quite understandable. But at the same time, it is the person to whom it is attributed that determines whether such a property of character is permissible and not offensive to others.

Arrogance - what is it? The prerogative of modernity?

This quality can manifest itself in different ways. You can speak with arrogance, trying to show their superiority over the interlocutor. You can be arrogant without words, for example, choosing tactics of behavior or using a look, a characteristic gesture or pose. Haughtiness is important, connected not only with arrogance and pride, but also with concepts such as conceit, ambition, pretentiousness, swagger and resentment. Whether it is necessary to cultivate a contradictory quality in oneself and whether it is necessary to allow it to occupy a leading position in its own formation, every conscious person must decide for himself. Being arrogant is bad, but knowing its worth - well!

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