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Is it worth giving English names to children?

It is not known what the fashion is called today to call children by foreign names, given some of their specifics, but young moms are simply restless. Probably, they believe that the more beautiful and unusual will be the name of their baby, the smarter, more talented and successful he will grow.

The most revered among young domestic mothers are English names. His influence on the desire to call a child Jessica or Brandon has, mainly, modern cinema. After watching your favorite TV series, girls, by all means, want their son or daughter to be as "classy" as the main characters or even the actors performing their roles. For some reason, especially the love for imported "Michelle" and "Nicole" sin provincial young mothers. It's not for nothing that even a saying has developed on this matter: "What is more mathrenee than mother, the more angelic daughter".

Even in numerous women's forums, you can repeatedly stumble upon topics where pregnant girls ask virtual friends, which English names they like most. Thus, they create something like a social survey, and they will call the future baby the name that "wins".

For some reason, these moms are not very interested in how the foreign name will be combined with the Russian name and patronymic. They completely disregard the fact that when a child grows up, it is unlikely that she will say "thank you" for (suppose) Tiffany Nikolaevna Kryvozub or Gerard Grigoryevich Ptichkin. Perhaps they are sincerely confident that in the future their child awaits a dizzying career in a foreign company, where such a thing as a patronymic does not exist in nature, and nobody names by the surname anyway.

But if the desire to name a child is not stronger than common sense in Russian, It will not be superfluous to at least a little understand what is meant by certain English names. After all, it may happen that you call the daughter a beautiful name Kennedy, meanwhile, its meaning - "ugly head" - does not really caress the rumor. Or, for example, quite a nice man's name Shannon means "old river". To avoid such incidents, we propose a small list of names and meanings that are most beloved by Russian girls .

So, the English women's names: Belinda is a beautiful snake; Vanessa (Vanessa) - revealed; Johanna is a good god; Dolores - sadness; Jennifer is the name of the tree; Courtney (Courteney) - short nose; Nicoletta (Nicolette) - the victory of people; Roxanne is the dawn; Rebecca (Rebecca) - trapping; Scarlett is scarlet; Celeste is heavenly; Cheryl (Cheryl) - favorite; Sharon - plain; Eleonora is another, foreign; Eugenia (Eugenia) - well born.

And now English names are masculine: Alvin, Alvin (Alvin) is a friend of the elf; Bertrand (Bertrand) is a bright crow; Gabriel is a strong man sent by God; Glenn is the valley; David is a lover; Jason (Jason) - healing; Jared (Jared) - the descent; Jeremy - God appointed; Christian is a follower of Christ; Quentin is the fifth; Ludovic is a famous warrior; Matthew is a gift from the Lord; Nigel (Nigel) is the champion; Robert is famous; Emile (Emile) is a competitor; Emmanuel (Emmanuel) - The Lord is with us.

But still, when studying English names, try to choose your child that would be well combined with his name and patronymic. After all, he, and not you, live with him all his life.

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