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Kaliningrad is a museum of amber. Historical and cultural landmark of the city

From the earliest times, amber is known to man. The ability to attract fluffs, hairs and other similar materials was one of the first manifestations of an electric, amazing natural force, which was called from the Greek word "amber" - "electron".

Amber: about the origin

What can surprise Kaliningrad? A museum of amber, a stone of amazing origin, will be of interest to everyone. It contains a wealth of information about this remarkable stone with a unique origin.

Amber is a petrified resin.

Long ago, even in the Mesozoic era on the place of the Baltic Sea, coniferous forests grew. In the process of natural phenomena, their resin, which got into the sea water, was transformed into an amazingly beautiful stone.

But earlier there were many other very diverse assumptions about the origin of amber. It was believed that this stone is a hardened oil and even there was an assumption that it was petrified honey.

Here about this mysterious stone, numerous products and exhibits from which are presented in the Kaliningrad Museum, this article will be discussed.

Properties of amber

What special properties does this delicious gem have? Here are some of them:

• burns almost like coal;
• soft, easily scratched and fragile;
• There are three types of stone: transparent, frothy and translucent;
• In the case of friction, it becomes highly electrified;
• floats in the sea water;
• Always warm to the touch;
• In the absence of air, it begins to melt.

The chemical composition of the stone: 78% carbon, 10% hydrogen, 11% oxygen.

History of the museum

The Historical Museum was opened in 1979.
This cultural and historical institution is located in the heart of the city, near the beautiful Lake Verkhny.

In the historic historic building, restored in the post-war years, there is a museum of amber (Kaliningrad). Its address: the index of 236016, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, the area. Marshal Vasilevsky, 1.

Amber is the luxury of the western shore of our country, an amazing creation of nature. The amber museum is located in the fortress tower of the middle of the XIX century, which is located on the shore of a picturesque lake, in the center of the city.

This building is the former defensive tower of the Don, it is part of the former fortification of Koenigsberg. In the courtyard of a beautiful old castle very cozy patio.

Until May 2003, this cultural institution was one of the branches of the Kaliningrad Historical Art Museum.

And now many tourists visit the amber museum in Kaliningrad.

How to get to the museum?

You can reach this cultural and historical place on any transport (public): buses and shuttles.

"The Square March. Vasilevsky "- stop location.

Amber Museum in Kaliningrad: a short description

The museum is rich in numerous and diverse exhibits in connection with the presence in the city of a deposit of amber and, accordingly, an amber mill. Among the exhibits from this stone in the premises of the museum you can see both the works of venerable and novice masters and products from the local combine. Also works of the most ancient masters are presented.

In total, there are 28 rooms in the building, occupying an area of approximately 1 square kilometer. Kilometer on three floors of the building.

Kaliningrad is a unique historical and cultural landmark. The amber museum is the only one in Russia dedicated to only one stone - golden amber.

In addition to viewing the beautiful amber items, the museum has the opportunity to get acquainted with the origin of this fantastic material, with its properties and spheres of use in art.


Expositions have several sections:

• properties and origin of the stone;
• Historical and archaeological information about amber;
• the importance of amber in the XVII-XVIII centuries in art;
• about the state Koenigsberg amber manufactory;
• about the Kaliningrad Combine;
• Creativity of contemporary artists and amber.

Features of the exhibits of the museum

The amber museum (Kaliningrad) in its beautiful halls collected the unique samples (pieces) of the real Baltic gem. For example, there is a nugget with a huge weight - 4280 grams. This is the largest of all the samples of this museum.

There are also more than 2,000 art items from this solar mineral, including some preserved exhibits of the Amber Room (restored).

The museum also presents dioramas: a quarry for the extraction of amber-bearing "blue earth", an ancient "amber forest". Set (more than 1000) pieces of amber with remains (inclusions) of Mesozoic animals and plants, including lizards.
A full range of colors of this amazing stone can be presented to the amber museum in Kaliningrad (photo items show all the diversity).

He also presents amber products from the distant IV-V centuries of our era. They were found by archaeologists on the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

Also here are the works of talented German masters, transferred here from the Armory Chamber. In large numbers you can see beautiful vessels, delicious jewelry, fabulous caskets and amazing pictures and frames.

Every year, since 2003, the city of Kaliningrad (amber museum) is holding an amber competition "Alatyr".

In conclusion - the legend of sea tears

There is one beautiful story (legend). Once upon a time there was a nymph, Yurate, at the bottom of the sea. Its delightful palace was all of amber. Somehow a beautiful nymph saw a fisherman on the beach and fell in love with him. However, having learned about this, the god Perkūnas was very angry with her and, with anger, destroyed her beautiful palace and killed that same fisherman. And the inconsolable beauty Jurate long shed tears on the ruins of her ruined castle.

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