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Protrusion of cervical spine discs. Diseases of the spine: symptoms, treatment, prevention

Spine health is one of the main conditions for the proper functioning of the entire body and internal organs. But, unfortunately, not everyone takes care of their back on an ongoing basis. As a consequence, doctors often have to make a diagnosis, such as protrusion and even a hernia. These diseases are too serious to be ignored, so this topic should be given special attention.

Signs of the disease of the spine

The main condition for overcoming any health problem is timely diagnostics. The main sign that everything is not right with the backbone is pain in the back area.

A permanent or periodic sensation of severe discomfort can bring backbone diseases. Symptoms may differ in some cases. For example, People with neck problems often suffer from manifestations of "shooting" or acute neuralgia, and also experience aching, spasmodic pain.

About problems with the spine may also indicate a violation of the sensitivity of the skin of the back, the shin, the femoral part of the legs, buttocks, fingers of the upper and lower extremities. In such cases, the patient feels cold in the problem areas, numbness and even partial paralysis of the hands and feet.

Sometimes spine diseases, symptoms Which are usually manifested in the back area due to the fact that the nerve root can be partially infringed upon by the advanced disc, negatively affect the work of specific organs.


Many people spend most of their working hours sitting. As practice shows, most of them are sitting wrong. For this and other reasons (for example, trauma), thousands of ordinary people develop diseases of the cervical spine. And one of the most common diagnoses is protrusion.

With such a problem, the pulpous nucleus of the disc extends beyond its natural boundaries. This can lead to nerve infringement and other serious problems.

Most often protrusion of the discs of the cervical spine are a consequence of the development of osteochondrosis. Therefore, do not disregard discomfort and slight pain during movement of the head. At the first sign of problems with the cervical department It is necessary to consult the doctor without delay and start treatment. Eliminating deformation of tissues is much easier than breaking the pulpous core.

Key signs of disease occurrence

Such a problem as protrusion of cervical spine discs, Can be determined by specific symptoms. Know them is necessary, because the result and speed of treatment directly depend on a timely call to a specialist.

It should be noted that while the disease is at an early stage of development, there is no serious discomfort in the neck area. Exceptions are those situations when a slightly displaced disc rests against the nerve root.

If the artery is compressed, going to the brain, then the neck protrusion will make itself felt through the following symptoms:

  • Headaches, dizziness;
  • Numbness of fingers;
  • Spread of pain on the upper and lower extremities;
  • Severe blood pressure jumps;
  • When the weather worsens, aching pain in the upper limbs.

Since in the early stages of protrusions Virtually invisible, with any hint of pain in the shoulder girdle or the base of the head, you need to go to the doctor. Only the timely treatment can prevent the appearance of a hernia.

What is dangerous is the dorsal protrusion of the disc

Since the displacement of intervertebral cartilage tissues occurs gradually, the process of protrusion can be divided into several stages.

Dorsal refers to the displacement toward the spinal canal, in which up to 50% of the intervertebral disc is bulged. In this situation, the spinal cord is under considerable pressure, which causes severe pain. The patient's condition significantly deteriorates if the deformable disc begins to press on the nerve root as well.

If one has to deal with such a stage of deformation as the dorsal protrusion of the disc, timely diagnosis becomes more important than ever. After all, if you miss the time and allow the problem to worsen, the surgeon will have to fight already with the hernia.

Effective Diagnosis

In order to timely identify the presence of protrusion of cervical spine discs, it is necessary to choose the most accurate methods of identifying the disease.

You need to start with a CT scan. It is this type of diagnostics that can make maximum clarity as to the state of the patient's back.

Further the doctor should study attentively signs, paying special attention to painful sensations in the field of a cervical department, a pricking in fingers of hands, and also change of shades of a skin.

Modern methods of treatment

In the treatment of protrusion of the cervical spine discs, one can do without an operation, but only if the diagnosis is not delayed.

As a rule, doctors prescribe physiotherapy procedures, which are designed to establish metabolic processes in the cervical department. Also, patients are often advised to take various medications to relieve the sensation of pain.

Promotes rapid recovery and reduced mobility. A calmer lifestyle creates favorable conditions for neutralizing the inflammation of the discs.

A considerable help in the treatment of protrusion can be provided by special corsets, as well as by electrophoresis. The effectiveness of such methods of neutralizing the deformation of the discs, such as massage of the cervical spine, therapeutic diet and gymnastics, have proved effective.

Of course, all these recovery techniques should be conducted under the constant supervision of a qualified physician.

Prophylaxis of protrusion

Those who do not intend to have problems with intervertebral discs in the future, it is necessary to comply with simple prescriptions of doctors.

First of all, you need to monitor your posture. If you have to work sitting, it is important to get up and stretch your back every 50 minutes using special exercises. Protrusion of cervical discs is unlikely to disturb those who constantly visit the pool. It is also worthwhile to protect your back from hypothermia and fight overweight, because, according to statistics, full people are faced with the need to treat protrusions much more often than those who keep themselves in shape.

It would be superfluous to refrain from frequent use of fatty foods and alcohol, which contribute to the development of degenerative changes in cervical discs. Also, you never need to lift very heavy objects, especially sharply, since there is a risk of injury.

Nevertheless, classes in the gym can help protect your back from damage. The main thing is to competently calculate the weight of shells and constantly consult with the coach.

Consequences of neglected protrusions

If you long ignore such a problem as the deformation of the cervical disc, it is logical to expect the appearance of a hernia.

This type of spine disease is much more serious than protrusion. In fact, a hernia is a rupture of the fibrous ring, and as a consequence, protrusion of the pulpous core of the disc. Such a diagnosis can not be ignored, otherwise the intervertebral cartilaginous tissues will contract more and more because of the uneven load, which can lead to compression of the spinal cord.

As a result, a person suffering from a hernia can become disabled. With the development of dystrophic spinal cord injury, weakness and numbness in the leg area or (in the case of the cervical region) paresis (paralysis) of the hands begins.

Symptoms of a hernia

As in the case of protrusion, protrusion of the pulpous core of the disc can pass unnoticed at first. Pain is felt only when the nucleus of the disc begins to press on the nerve roots.

And if the hernia in the cervical spine reaches its critical state, that is, it becomes large and begins to pinch the structures of the spinal canal, the patient will experience such bright symptoms as stiffness in the movements of the head and hands, numbness of the fingers, dizziness, weakness of the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. The result may even be paralysis of the upper limbs.

How does the hernia appear between vertebrae C5-C6 and C6-C7

Such a phenomenon as the rupture of the fibrous ring and the subsequent protrusion of the pulpous core, in most cases appears in the region of the waist and neck. In connection with this, the hernia of the C5-C6 disk is particularly frequent.

It is worth noting that, depending on the location of the problem, the symptoms may differ. For example, in the case of a hernia between vertebrae C6-C7, the patient will be difficult to flex and unbend fingers. Moreover, the so-called vitality of the limb will begin to appear. In the back of the shoulder with a similar diagnosis, there will be pain and numbness. The same symptoms can be transmitted to the forearm, as well as to the back of the hand.

But if the hernia of the C5-C6 disc develops, then the side part of the arm begins to grow dumb in the elbow area. In the same place, pain will be felt. In addition, a person with such a hernia appears leakage and tingling of the index and thumbs with the concomitant development of weakness in the biceps.

Treatment of a hernia

In most cases, people who are faced with the destruction of the disc, doctors advise to limit their movements and wear a special corset, stabilizing the position of the cervical region. You will also have to take painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and relaxants to relieve muscle spasms. You can not do without visiting therapeutic massage sessions. An important role in the healing process is played by gymnastics, aimed at strengthening the muscles.

Only in the case when the therapy is unable to give the desired result, an operation of the cervical spine is prescribed.

But this is not the best option, because some types of operations will focus on splicing the vertebrae, which means loss of mobility. But even in the case when after the surgical intervention the cervical section retains its mobility, there is a risk of re-emergence of a hernia. Plus, the operation is a very dangerous process, because the nerve root can be touched.

Obviously, the diseases developing in the cervical department are a serious problem that can not be ignored. Therefore, it is important to introduce preventive measures in your lifestyle on a permanent basis, and in case of manifestation of suspicious symptoms without delay, make an appointment with a doctor.

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