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Choose a good action movie for viewing. New Year 2013

If you want to choose a good action movie for the evening, but do not want to waste time watching movies one by one, selecting the most suitable one will help you with this article. In it, we'll talk about the latest movies in the genre of action movies released in 2013.

One of the long-awaited blockbusters this year was the film "Riddick." This time, in search of his native land Furies, the character of Wine Diesel is left to die on an unfamiliar desert planet, devoted to his own people. He again has to fight for survival with a harsh climate and various creatures inhabiting this area. But that's not all. Soon on the planet, space mercenaries arrive, wishing to receive a reward for the dangerous criminal Riddick, and the plot is even more twisted. In general, the creators turned out to be quite good-looking good thriller with steep special effects and an excellent game of actors. Even a small similarity with the first part of the epic about Riddick, the film "Black Hole", will not spoil the impression of viewing.

Another interesting novelty is "Witch Hunters". The plot of this film tells of two kids who lost their parents at an early age and almost died in the witch's lair. Growing up with the idea of revenge in their heads, Hansel and Gretel became unsurpassed hunters of evil spirits, professional fighters against evil. Despite the fabulous plot, the film is filled with special effects and a constant "action" in the best traditions of Hollywood insurgents.

And again unbeaten Vin Diesel. This time in the role of cool racer Dominique from the movie "Fast and Furious 6". This actor does not cease to please us with his excellent roles in the cinema, the best fighters with his participation are constantly in the tops of various charts. The plot tells how the Dominic team is trying to cope with the criminal group of deadly mercenary riders. For the capture of criminals, they are promised the forgiveness of all previous offenses before the law.

Another good action movie - the film "Elysium" with Matt Damon in the title role. In it we will plunge into the world of the future. In 2159, there are two opposite worlds: one for very rich people is the huge space station Elysium, on which there is everything for a well-fed comfortable life, there are no illnesses and poverty, the other for all other people is overpopulated and destroyed Earth. Cornered mercenary Max agrees on the most difficult and dangerous mission, which can lead to the equality of these two worlds.

For those who like to watch a good action movie with elements of comedy, the new film with Johnny Depp "The Lonely Ranger" is perfect. This story tells us about the adventures of a very unusual couple: Prosecutor John Reid, seeking justice after the murder of bandits brother, and a very strange Indian Tonto. According to the plot, they will have to uncover a plot connected with corruption in the construction of the first railway in the Wild West.

The best serials-fighters, published this year: "Vikings", "Shield", "The Dark Child", "Sea Devils, Smerch", "Challenge", "Mentovskie wars 7" and many others. Also this year was marked by the release of the last season of the series "In All Grave".

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