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"Autumn Marathon" - actors and roles of your favorite sad comedy

The problem raised in the film is not new. It would seem that the classic love triangle, but thanks to the talent of script writer Alexander Volodin and director Georgy Nikolaevich Danelia, the banal theme took on a multitude of shades and turned into a sad and instructive, but still comedy. This is the story of ordinary people with whom the spectator meets in everyday life, and her talented presentation by the filmmakers made it possible for many to look at themselves and their problems from the side with humor. Therefore, the picture has received such success and is popular to this day.

The Dodger or the Confused Man

The main hero of the story - Buzykin, who talentedly played Basilashvili Oleg Valerianovich. The character is a middle-aged man. A talented translator and university lecturer, he had long been able to make a good career if he could stand up for his interests. In the personal life of the protagonist, too, everything is not smooth. Torn between his wife and mistress, Buzykin can not make a choice. After all, he loves each in his own way, but he can not take a serious step, because he is pathologically incapable of making responsible decisions.

So, and turns Buzykin, humiliating the lies of both women. Everything becomes more complicated when the wife (Natalia Gundareva), having learned about the betrayal, began to think about divorce, and the lover Alla (Marina Neelova), tired of his endless promises and excuses, demands finally to be defined. But how can a person who does not know how to say "no" do this? Soft and weak-willed in nature, he tries to please everyone and constantly gets into curious situations.

Running in a circle

Buzykina frankly uses a mediocre counterpart. The Danish professor Hansen, disregarding the etiquette of the guest, imposes his morning exercise on the hero, and the drinking neighbor Kharitonov (Evgeny Leonov) draws him into a series of ridiculous and ridiculous troubles that lead to complications at work. The entangled situation becomes simply unbearable when Buzykin's daughter, without asking the parents' advice, goes with her husband on a long trip to one of the Novosibirsk islands. This circumstance was the last straw in the flow of failures of the main character.

Alla, without waiting for decisive action on his part, broke with Buzykin, his wife no longer trusted him, and even takes the truth for another lie. At work he has a complete blockage. In a word, because of his weak character, the hero loses on all fronts. At 46, life forces Buzikin to finally grow up and learn how to make responsible decisions. When the hero finally despairs, Nina's wife returns. Despite her betrayal, she still likes Buzykin and is ready to try to start over. But in the process of reconciliation, a phone call is heard - Alla, having thought about it, decides to give his beloved another chance. Buzikina's life, it seems, has never taught anything, and he again lies. Speaking on the phone with his mistress with familiar code phrases, Buzykin hides a guilty look from his wife. And both women understand that nothing will change.

History of the creation of comedy

It is interesting that originally the film "Autumn Marathon" (1979) George Danelia was not going to shoot himself. Being the artistic director of the association of comedy and music films, he gave the script to Volodin to young directors - Kushnerov and Kharchenko. The actor Alexander Kalyagin, who, according to the writer's plan, was ideally suited for the role of Buzykin, did not want to work with budding creators. Then Danelia offered to work more experienced Arsenov, but for some reason she did not interest the director. When Volodin almost abandoned the idea of creating a film in his script, Danelia agreed to personally take up work on the comedy.

He somewhat changed the script and the original title of the film "The Sorrowful Life of the rogue," since he believed that the character of the character and his story are much more complicated than ordinary cheating. Thanks to the age of the hero, comparable to the autumn time and his endless running around the circle of life circumstances, the name "Autumn Marathon" appeared. Actors who performed the main roles, too, were chosen by the director based on his vision of history. Therefore, the candidacy of Alexander Kalyagin, originally proposed by the screenwriter, Danelia rejected. The director began an uneasy search for an actor, which would correspond to the created image to the maximum and could convey the character of the hero.

"Autumn Marathon": actors

As later recalled Danelia, he could not find the performer of the main role. Many eminent actors of the USSR tried to depict Buzikin. But the director each time something was missing. Seeing the despair of a colleague, his assistant, Elena Sudakova, offered to sample with Basilashvili. After all, for many other characters in the movie "Autumn Marathon" actors have already been selected. But the main could not be found. Danelia did not agree, he formed an opinion on the role of the actor in the films of Ryazanov and believed that such a proud and self-confident type does not fit the role of Buzykin. Then the assistant resorted to cunning and called Basilashvili herself. Seeing the actor at the "Mosfilm", Danelia was extremely surprised, but agreed to hold tests later. Basilashvili Oleg Valerianovich had some other business in Moscow, and Grigory Nikolayevich kindly agreed to drive him in his car. Having landed an actor in Pokrovsky Gate Square, Danelia looked in the rearview mirror and saw how uncertain he crossed the street. A step forward - two backwards, as though can not be defined: to pass or not.

So, the director found an image that he searched for a long time. He approved Basilashvili for a role without samples. Later it turned out: Sudakova, knowing that Danelia would certainly look in the rear-view mirror, persuaded the artist to portray an uncertain character from the film "Autumn Marathon". Actors, performing other important roles, were selected not so painfully. For example, Natalia Gundareva, the director immediately saw in the role of the wife of the main character. Marina Neyolova was still a beginner actress was seen by Georgy Nikolayevich, who at once saw in her the talent of a typical actress and was going to shoot in one of his films. Therefore, when the occasion presented itself, the appropriate role of Alla was immediately proposed by Neelova. The candidacy of Yevgeny Leonov was also immediately approved. True, initially it was assumed that he would play the part of Alla's neighbor. But later the actor decided to give a more significant role, why the film, of course, only won.


Since the release of the comedy on the screens has passed more than one decade. Of course, a lot has changed. The country disappeared, in which the heroes of the film lived, many wonderful actors are no longer alive. But the general human problems affected in the picture are still relevant. And the work of the masters admires, so the film continues to enjoy a huge audience love.

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